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corona 4g

  1. C

    Question  Can't read nand with diy sd tool

    Basically, I soldered every point, tried out every diagram available, and even made another sd card tool. Still, when I connect to the computer, it doesn't detect anything. There's no pop-up asking to format, nothing. What could it be?
  2. C

    Question  Problems reading the nand

    I installed the cables, regulators and postfix. In my first attempt it said: Checking Console... Corona 4GB (eMMC connected) Reading Nand to C:\Users\Cualquiera\Desktop\picoloutput\nanddump1.bin PicoFlasher has encountered an error Try to unplug and replug the device System...
  3. L

    Support  Help with RGH3 - Corona V4 - Red Light

    I was performing the RGH3 on an Xbox 360e with Corona v4 card, however, I made a mistake during the recording and ended up forgetting to check the WB 2K option. As I had not noticed, I tried to turn on the console which did not display video. I tried re-recording by checking the option for...
  4. mbucc9000

    Question  Xbox 360 Beeps but no Lights or Fan Spin... (After RGH 3.0)

    Hello, I was at the step of my RGH 3.0 where I wrote the ECC file in order to get my CPU Key. I went to boot the console (into Xell) but all I get is a beep and no signs of life (no fan spin or lights). I have a "System Only" backup of the NAND and tried to reflash it but it didn't fix the...
  5. T

    Solved  Help Me update from 17489 to 17526 PLEASE!

    Hi Im rob. I use to mod a loooooong time ago like 17489 and prior . I use to have an account here but I don't remember any thing at all. so I was on google trying to get help on updating my RGH and saw the s7 links and here I am brand new. So now to my troubles. I have applied the 17526 update...
  6. L

    Solved  System Error E 71 RGH/JTAG

    Wasn't sure if this is the right page to upload but here we go. So I was playing a Halo Reach and using a XUID spoofer, I changed my name and it logged me out as soon as I got logged out my console froze, I booted it back into Aurora dashboard and was presented with a update from Xbox LIVE, I...
  7. L

    Solved  4GB Corona RGH Wont Boot Xell

    Already posted more than a week ago but the thread got no traction... Trying to RGH a 4gb corona with an Ace V3, an SD Tool V1.2 and a postfix V2 (I accidentally burnt the damn post_out point so I was told that a postfix is an alternative for that). Got 4 identical nand dumps, wrote ecc...
  8. X

    Solved  Corona 4GB RGH help

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me as I'm looking to perform my first Slim RGH. I'm pretty sure I Have a corona V4/V6 motherboard with a 250GB HDD. I have bought the x360ace glitch chip and the corona post fix, I already have everything else such as JR programmer, soldering iron etc...
  9. D

    Solved  Corona 4gb - File is Missing J-runner Error

    Alright folks, attempted to rgh my first 4gb Corona, only to find that after installing the corona 4gb QSB to read the nand, setting everything up in J-runner (mine shows as drive 6 with 3588MB in size), I click on read only to be greeted with a pop up error stating that a "File is Missing", and...
  10. I

    Solved  [Cornoa v4] I/O Device Error Writing ECC

    I used an old microsd card reader to build the interface to connect to the 360 and can read the NAND just fine. When I try to write to it I get "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error." I've checked all connections from the pads on the interface all the way to the...
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