1. Lucky

    Solved  Faulty coolrunner chip - Falcon rgh1.2

    I have been battling a Falcon mobo for the past two days now to no prevail doing a RGH1.2 using JRP & Coolrunner Revc. Some prerequisite knowledge: Obviously, coolrunner is a clone chip. I semi know how to solder, I used to build small board for my work. Here's my story of events- In...
  2. K

    Solved  Defected coolrunner rev c1.

    I got a coolrunner rev c1, it just won't work on my Falcon. Then i found out the resistor R12 is shorted, and the resistor connect to point 1, point 1 connect to point 2. C16 and C17 were connected. Does anyone can check these on a working coolrunner rev c1 for me? I don't think they are suppose...
  3. R

    Tutorial  Instructions for CoolRunner rev c on 16mb Corona

    I really need help with this. I bough this thing a long time ago, and I am just now getting to it. And now apparently Team Xecuter's site is down. For the life of me, I cannot find documentation on modding my Corona with the CR. I got as far as reading and writing the nand. And there is some...
  4. F

    Unsolved  X360 won't boot, can't identify RGH chip

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here, sorry for every language mistakes and ambiguities. Few years ago some service point modded my Xbox Jasper console using RGH chip. Everything was good, but some day my console didn't boot. It wasn't big problem because i bought good PC computer. I just...
  5. E

    Unsolved  Looking for PHAT QSB v3 install diagram

    Hi, Fairly new to RGH. Have done a few direct wire installs but was curious about the QSB v3. Searching google has brought me no joy and Jrunner only has an older version QSB install guide. Does anyone have any info on what wires go where from a CR rev C to the PHAT QSB v3? thanks
  6. donaldmiller69

    Unsolved  RGH 1.2 Can't Glitch with CLK Fix

    I had a jasper that I had accidentally ripped the STBY CLK point off awhile ago, point B off of the mother board. I followed a tutorial I believe over on TX, and I was able to revive the console using a resistor between two connected points, one of those points being the CLK Alternative, F2RT2...
  7. donaldmiller69

    Discussion  RGH 1.2 Coolrunner has Solid Green Light and Won’t Glitch

    I did a fix to a jasper after ripping the pad on STBY_CLK, off of team Xecuter where you solder a resistor in between two points. My console was able to boot after this. But when I tried using the alternate CLK point where the resistor was wired too, the cool runner gets a solid green light, and...
  8. Darash

    Solved  Jasper 16MB Coolrunner Rev C not booting to Xell? Make sure you stock updated Dash first!

    Enjoying PS3-modding to REBUG or PS3HEN, so tried stepping up to hardware-modding an Xbox 360. This is my first. Hoping someone can help me, for it is not booting (to Xell). It is a Jasper 16MB with Dashversion 13599. To my knowledge, I cannot (retail) update it, because the DVD-drive is dead...
  9. MilkySharpMan

    Unsolved  Real Xecuter CoolRunner Rev. C?

    I see a listing online for a REAL CoolRunner Rev. C but I am still not certain if it is a real one or a clone. Maybe I'm thinking too much cuz even the clones are good. I have only ever bought one Rev. C and i am sure it was a clone. it came in a brown box, unlabeled chip, cheap wires, no...
  10. P

    Solved  [Help] How to replace a soldering metal plate on motherboard?

    I'm trying to do a RGH 1.2 install using a Coolrunner Rev C and the spot where you would solder on the PLL wire, has no metal plate. The plate was there but came off with the wire when I was checking to make sure I had soldered on the PLL wire good and I pulled it off by accident. Now my Xbox...
  11. E

    Unsolved  Jasper Cpu input protection diode

    I have a jasper that I fried by enabling the cap on a coolrunner rev c. When I turn it on, it runs for a few seconds and then gets 3 red ring with a secondary code 0022. Most people say the only fix is swapping a different cpu onto the board. I have heard people in another thread (Pulled...
  12. S

    Solved  Error in Jrunner when trying to create xebuild image

    Hello, I am trying to create an Xebuild image for my Jasper 360 on dash 17526, however I am getting an error. Here is the log: I have already taken the CPU key (and all other KV info) off the network. The NAND files are also loaded properly. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  13. D

    Solved  Help modding my Xbox 360

    Hi guys just wondering if you could help me mod my Xbox 360. It’s a phat with a Falcon motherboard. Are there any compatibility issues or am I missing anything. What I have Nand x with pin header Rev c xecutor cool runner Soldering iron Soldier and flux
  14. L

    Solved  RGH 1.2 Jasper 256MB Won’t Boot

    I just RGHed my Jasper 256MB based off of JoinTheResistance’s tutorial (MrMario2011 did a vid on YouTube as well). I have verified that everything is soldered correctly. Rewrote ECC and reflashed the NAND. I’m using a Coolrunner REV C and programming it with a JRProgrammer. My coolrunner...
  15. turdbundy

    Solved  Coolrunner Rev C Bridging CAP for Jaspers. Is there a Matrix v1 Equivalent?

    I know this is a very confusing title. I've recently switched from using rev Cs to the Matrix Glitcher. The Muffin install for Coronas / Trinitys have been the bees knees and Rgh 1.2 is working on falcons as it should. However, On japsers when I'd get a slow boot time for an RGH 1.2 bridging the...
  16. M

    Solved  After applying thermal paste, 360E doesn't boot

    Hello! I am hiving issues with my xbox 360E console with JTAG Corona Coolrunner (V5 or V6). Recently had happened to my xbox to randomly shut down, it was while I paused a game and within an hour or two it shut down. Then I checked temperatures in Aurora dash, and they were fine, except CPU...
  17. Wblegoboy

    Solved  Corona V1 Coolrunner Rev C - Doesn't Boot to Xell

    I've been trying to get my Corona V1 (RGH 2.0) to boot to Xell, but luck isn't on my side. I have tried 50cm, 32cm, and 14cm CPU_RST lengths, all Corona timing files, different Coolrunner configurations and flipping the SLIM/PHAT switch on my Coolrunner - to no avail. Although I have gotten the...
  18. H

    Solved  Newbie question

    Hi, I have these: - Coolrunner Rev C - Xecuter J-R Programmer V2 - X360 Ace V3 I'm not sure what I will need... Do I need all of these to mod Xbox360 trinity or just Programmer + Coolrunner/X360? Coolrunner Rev C and X360 Ace V3 are cards that should be programmed by programmer? Thank you for...
  19. X

    Solved  RGH did boot, now it won't

    I have Just RGH'd a jasper using the 1.2 install and a coolrunner. everything was fine, got it to boot and everything. knowing it was booting to dash i thought id play around with timing files. Now it won't boot at all. Even when i put the initial timing file that worked back on. I have made...
  20. stegzy

    Solved  i try to program cool runner rev c with jr programmer but fails to program

    i try to program a cool runner rev c with jr programmer and it cannot detect the xlinx device i have programmed many chips with this jr programmer before and had no problem i recently reinstalled my jr programmer drivers could this be my problem? i have tried to reprogram many cool runner rev c...
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