1. N

    Unsolved  Anyone with a pinout of the Expansion Port?

    I find the new expansion port on the Xbox One controllers to be somewhat interesting. It has 12 pins inside the connector, but I can't for the life of me find a pinout sheet to help me figure out what they are for. I only have one controller and tearing it apart isn't quite an option right now...
  2. O

    Solved  RGH controller randomly disconnects

    ok so got my ninja working properly but now my controller just randomly disconnects not sure why or what i did i put everything back as it should be and still dc any ideas?
  3. KronikonE

    One S Controller Shells

    So, first and for most total newb to modding community, just started with paint mods for controllers. I am having difficulty finding a source for shells for the new controller type. 1. Does anyone know of a site to purchase the stock white shells for the One S controller type? if not... 2...
  4. L

    Unsolved  PlayStation console pairing

    So i went and reset my PlayStation because it's got too much crap on it and I'm thinking of using it for offline use, so it successfully reset, gets to the plug in to sync screen like when you start it up fresh from the store, plug the controller in, the orange light shows up then fades then I...
  5. BaSs_HaXoR

    [Xbox One] - ultimate way to run Gimx with no errors.

    I haven't tested this, but thought I'd share some modification done to get Gimx to work on XBOX ONE (Should work). (I only found this post, ALL credit goes to @Matio) This requires: Rasberry Pi (credit card-sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard) UART (Universal Asynchronous...
  6. I

    Solved  GTA 5 Bug: Can't shoot when aiming

    Hello, I bought GTA V about 4 months ago on Steam. The game was working fine until I recently bought an Xbox One controller (wired) for Windows. The controller works fine on all my games except GTA V. The problem is that: when I aim/zoom with a gun I can not shoot. As soon as I press the right...
  7. J

    Solved  Xbox one controller continuously presses RT and led doesn't light

    Xbox one controller continuously registers as if I'm pressing RT, the LED doesn't light, and Rb doesn't work at all. Everything else works. I do have the ability to take it apart and repair it but I just can't figure this one out
  8. AQXVN

    Tutorial  Play minecraft PC using a xbox 360 controller!

    This is my first ever real post, not just help. But heres my tutorial! Heres what you need: 1. ControlMK ( 2. Minecraft PC ( 3. ControlMK Minecraft profile ( (I...
  9. F

    Discussion  My take on Drop Shot mod vs real Drop Shot

    Hey guys! Fro5ty here. I've noticed lately a lot of people using drop shot mods in CoD Mw2. I just want to compare these two. Modded one. You fire and drop. Real one. You fire and drop. There is like no difference. Honestly a real drop shot is easy as crap. How to drop shot the REAL way...
  10. jwalks619

    How to Add Guest Account Without Two Controllers

    STEP 1: Make sure you are only signed in with your primary account and Connected to Online Service STEP 2: While signed in with your primary account, sign into a second account STEP 3: Now that you've signed into your second account, Black Ops II will prompt "PROFILE CHANGE: A new profile has...
  11. Reform

    Unsolved  Ps3 hard drive replacement help..

    Hi, so i recently go a new hard drive to use for my ps3, but it didn't work well with it, so i put the old hard drive in and its asking me to plug my ps3 controller in via usb but i have a 3rd party ps3 controller and it wont recognize it, it there a way i can get around this? Its stuck on that...
  12. J

    Solved  Controller won't start up after take apart

    I took apart my controller to switch the LED and long story short I burnt the pads off but I got the LED on by making leads from the led to the little black dot that I scraped at. Anyways now it won't start up with batteries or a cord and solutions?
  13. J

    Solved  I messed up changing an LED please help

    Well I burnt the pad off and I don't know how to fix it. If you are kind enough to help me please explain it like I'm 5 because I don't know terms to well yet. the pad is on D19
  14. QnG Chief

    Solved  Any way to get the Elite controller app early?

    As the title says I am looking for a way to get the Elite controller mapping app early. Is it already available for preview members? The controller just shows up as a normal one in the devices menu on the xbone. So, can I get the app early, or do I have to wait untill the controller is...
  15. Razer Announce Tournament Grade Xbox One Controller

    Razer Announce Tournament Grade Xbox One Controller

    Razer have made a huge announcement showing off their latest gaming goodie, the Razer Wildcat. The Razer Wildcat controller is a tournament grade Xbox One controller designed specifically for eSports, whether you're an eSports gamer or enthusiast this controller will surely grab your attention...
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