1. T

    Discovery  Controller\ ranked lobbies codm

    Anyone know how to find faster lobbies with controller in call duty mobile for ranked. You were able before to go to private match go to spectate then go back to the main lobby and then search a ranked game with your controller on and you were Insta Q. But sadly this just got patched does anyone...
  2. JoeKing420210

    Solved  Mp ranked matches with a controller?

    Any way to get into ranked matches using controller after the newest update?
  3. C

    3mm led mod on Xbox controller

    I’m looking for a tutorial on how to add a couple 3mm leds into a Xbox one s controller. If anyone knows a way to add a few leds and have them turn on whenever the controller turns on please let me know. Any kind of help would be appreciated
  4. L

    Unsolved  My player moving alone

    Hello, i need help! In call of duty mw something get wrong. My player moving alone to the left. I thought that it was my controller and i get new one(scuf controller) but i have the same thing. I tried everything. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  5. Risking Perfect

    Discussion  Has anyone else used one of these kits on their PS4 controller?

    I have had one for about a year and a half and I am absolutely loving in. My question is, has anyone else used one and what do you think about it? (Images thanks to the Extreme Rate website)
  6. R

    Solved  360 Controller failing buttons (EDIT: Aurora Problem) SOLVED

    Hi All, First off apologies for the first thread being a help post, I’ve been lurking round here for years but never needed help that wasn’t already available and felt I hadn’t nothing to contribute. I’ve recently dug out my old 360, RGH’d it and I’m loving it, only problem I’m having is my...
  7. T

    Unsolved  Xbox One Controller Arbiter 4 Install Help

    So last week I decided it would be fun to chip my Xbone controller just as I had did with my 360 one. I am following the installation guide but my revision of controller seems to not have pads for certain points. Specifically LT and RT. Can anyone help? Pictures
  8. Azn1314171

    Discussion  Modded Controllers

    Hey y’all, so I’m looking for a site to buy a decent modded controller from, but there aren’t many reviews on YouTube for this kind of thing and no one seems to talk about them a lot, do any of you have experience with this kind of thing? What are the most reputable sites to buy from? Right now...
  9. Harry

    Google Stadia's game controller announced at GDC 2019

    The streaming tech behind Stadia is the same that powered the Project Stream test that ran last year, when Google partnered with Ubisoft to stream Assassin's Creed Odyssey for free through a Chrome browser. The company has made other big moves into the video game space, recently hiring Jade...
  10. BenJGrimm

    Unsolved  XBONE Controller - Alternative thumbstick suggestions

    I have recently acquired a scuf controller and the thumbsticks are concave, any suggestions how to remedy this with some convex sticks? Don't mind cutting and fitting just want others experiences and how they dealt with them. Thank you.
  11. VenomPlays_YT

    Video  How To Use A Controller In Fortnite Mobile

    Hope this helps you out
  12. OtisH

    Discussion  Smart Triggers. yes or no

    Have you used smart triggers? If so would you recommend them? If you haven’t used them, do you plan to? I primarily play FPS games and am currently using trigger stops. They’re great! I’m planning to order a new controller (AIM Controller) to be exact. They have the option for smart triggers...
  13. C

    Solved  Measurements of XBOX 360 Controller Buttons spacing.

    I'm trying to create a housing case for one my Wireless Gamepad controller that is "modeled" after Xbox 360 Controllers, but I don't know the measurements of how far away are the buttons from each other. I was hoping maybe someone could help me find that out since I don't have a genuine XBOX 360...
  14. kmssd

    Unsolved  Replaced Thumbstick Module, Won't Power On Normally.

    I replaced the left thumbstick module the other day and somehow in the process something screwed up. The controller won't power on with batteries or the rechargeable pack. However with batteries in I plug the USB from the Xbox (with it on) the controller will turn on and work. I looked for...
  15. Mobfather Repair

    Solved  Has anyone thought of modding a generic Xbox 360 Controller?

    I have a generic Xbox 360 Wired controller and I am planning on getting a Generic Wireless controller in the future. I hope to be able to install a rapid fire mod chip into both controllers. I would like to know if it is possible to do considering they are not made by Microsoft.
  16. Sony's New Translucent DualShock 4 PS4 Controllers

    Sony's New Translucent DualShock 4 PS4 Controllers

    Sony is bringing back translucent DualShock controllers for the PS4. The company is releasing three new DS4 colors, which include Red Crystal (exclusive to Best Buy), Blue Crystal (exclusive to Walmart), and Crystal (exclusive to GameStop/EB Games). Sony sent us the last two. We'll walk you...
  17. Controller From Razer Tries To Be A Step Above Microsoft's Elite

    Controller From Razer Tries To Be A Step Above Microsoft's Elite

    When Microsoft first unveiled Xbox One's $150 Elite controller, many questioned what kind of market there was for high-end, customizable gamepads. That controller has proven to be quite popular, with a number of other companies, including Razer, offering up their own equivalents. Razer is now...
  18. Eddxdd


    Anyone with ps4 looking for boosting group post psn and ill add you with the message BOOSTING thats how you'll know its me and not a random REQUIREMENTS: DO NOT CARE ABOUT K/D ONE CONTROLLER COMMON SENSE
  19. New Xbox One Controller Designs Look Pretty Sweet

    New Xbox One Controller Designs Look Pretty Sweet

    Microsoft has announced three new Xbox One controller designs. Announced on the Xbox Wire, the new colours include Green/Grey, Patrol Tech, and Volcano Shadow. All of these controllers work with the Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox One X console. You can use them on PC as well, though you'll need...
  20. Destiny 2 PS4 Controller Coming To Europe And Australia

    Destiny 2 PS4 Controller Coming To Europe And Australia

    Sony will release a Destiny 2-themed DualShock 4 controller and PS4 bundles focused on Bungie's shooter sequel in Europe and Australia, the company has announced. As you can see in the images below, the white Destiny 2 DualShock 4 controller's touch pad sports the game's title and logo. The...
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