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  1. Pistol Pete | Hardcore TDM | Vanguard

    Pistol Pete | Hardcore TDM | Vanguard

    Check out the 007 style espionage in this hardcore match. there's wall bangs, suicide kills, the whole shebang!
  2. T

    Solved  Xbox 360 RGH3 Trinity Completed but with problems

    I've just finished modding a 360 trinity with rgh3 but I have a few issues I hope someone can died dome light on First, I couldn't get it to boot with the 3k Resistor in place, take it off and xell etc boots fine. The second issue I have l is I was setting up all the content including aurora...
  3. ilikefredy

    Question  USB Formatting / Transfer Problems

    Purchased 20 cheap USB 2.0 16GB Flash Drives from Amazon that I am using to put individual profiles (and their gamesaves) on for all of my friends and family to use for my 10 RGH Xbox LAN Setup I have going. I've managed to get 9 of the 20 drives to work as intended: Plugging in Flash Drive...
  4. llcubell

    Discussion  Red Dead Online: Unreleased Content & Bugs?

    So, I've been playing the series matches online for a bit now and I've noticed something that not many people are talking about. There's a few pictures that come up in the loading screens of players. In these shots I've caught a few items we don't even have access to... yet. I'm going to start...
  5. jamesgarretttt

    Solved  Black Ops 2 DLC Incorrect Region

    I am getting the error "The content you are trying to load is from an incorrect region. Please check that you have the correct downloadable content." Only one issue, ive had my console for over a year and have used the DLC numerous times. Havent changed anything. I have gone the route of using...
  6. M

    Question  Missing content with gta 5 ps3 jailbreak

    Hi I have gta 5 but when I was playing on the blus gta 5 I had all cars and no missing content but when I converted it to bles there are loads of cars missing like the T20,karum,etc. so I was wondering if this happened to anyone else and if there is a fix! In future Thanks!
  7. Fortnite Gets a New SMG in Today’s Content Update

    Fortnite Gets a New SMG in Today’s Content Update

    Today’s Fortnite content update brings a new submachine gun to Battle Royale, while the drum gun, now called the typewriter assault rift, is coming to the game’s Save the World mode. “Make enemies think twice before they push you,” the Fortnite team wrote in the official notes. “Run and gun...
  8. Valve Says it Will Stop Policing Content on Steam

    Valve Says it Will Stop Policing Content on Steam

    Valve is addressing recent controversy over what types of games — and what kind of content — can be sold on Steam with a new policy that will let virtually anything appear on the storefront, as long as it’s not “illegal or straight up trolling.” Rather than police offensive or adult content...
  9. Remaining PS4 content Won't Come To Xbox Until After Destiny 2's Release

    Remaining PS4 content Won't Come To Xbox Until After Destiny 2's Release

    As part of a deal between Activision and Sony, certain pieces of Destiny content were released as timed exclusives on PlayStation platforms. Much of that still remains unavailable for Xbox players, but that will change later this year--albeit once Destiny 2 has already arrived. Destiny will...
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