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    Unsolved  Any methoda for Enhanced Edition XB S/X

    Been looking for months and aint finding any clues… I know that it is a way to do it, frozen glitch or smth, but i cant find any answers and i’ve been trying for an month ++ anyone can save my day ?😬
  2. J

    Unsolved  RGH 3 Troubles with boot up

    Hey guys, I have RGH 3 hacked 2 phat consoles now, first a jasper then a falcon. Im getting an issue on bootup. maybe 75% boots up fine and everything is good almost an instant boot. But maybe 25% of the time i press the power button and the console powers off 2 seconds later. just strange its a...
  3. Tohzees


    I have a SNES Classic Mini and my son and I have beaten all the games that came on the console. I've seen things about adding games using hackchi. I installed the program, have dumped kernal, added the Roms I have and added them to the console. The games appear on the console as intended, but on...
  4. PlayStation 5 Controller Patents Show Off Next Gen Design Changes

    PlayStation 5 Controller Patents Show Off Next Gen Design Changes

    The PlayStation 5 is coming, with the next-generation Sony console currently being planned for a Holiday 2020 release. This means that the system is still at least a year away, but we're starting to get some idea of what the console will be like. Now a new patent for the PlayStation 5 controller...
  5. Google Stadia Will Now Launch With 22 Games

    Google Stadia Will Now Launch With 22 Games

    Google Stadia is right around the corner, with the system launching on November 19. Google recently announced the system's launch titles, along with the other games coming in 2019. It was a thin list, with only one console exclusive (Gylt), which had some potential customers concerned...
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    Hardware Mods  Where can I find Xbox One S modded shells, fans, etc..?

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to do some fun case mods with my Xbox One S but I can't for the life of me find a website for it. I used to mod my 360 back in the day and figured I'd get back into it, the only issue is that all I've been able to find on google are controller shells and cases for the...
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    Solved  Money Glitches for Rank 1??

    I had to create a post because I can’t seem to find anything about this (which might mean the answer is no) but is there any reasonable money glitches for rank 1 at all for console? I heard about Act 2 glitch, which I am fine doing, but if there is anything else it would be much appreciated.
  8. A

    Unsolved  HDMI issues with RGH'd Falcon

    Hello. I have just recently RGH'd 1.2 5 consoles. 4 are Falcons and 1 is a Jasper all with excellent boot times using Matrix V1 (between 3-10 seconds or less). I got them on a job lot (none of them have RROD and none of them have been modded before or even opened, still had warranty sticker)...
  9. A

    Unsolved  RGB lighting in XBOX 360 console

    Hi all, I was wondering how would I go about installing one of those RGB Bluetooth/Smart Phone LED boxes and how could I get it to work with the RF board. I am not sure if you can get RGB SMD LEDS for the rf board either or if it would work at all. Just like in this video: I think I...
  10. Cheaper Nintendo Switch Model Coming In June, Report Says

    Cheaper Nintendo Switch Model Coming In June, Report Says

    A new, cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch will launch "by the end of June," according to a source speaking to Bloomberg. This is at least the second time this year that we've heard reports about a less expensive Switch model, as The Wall Street Journal reported in March that Nintendo would...
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    Any way to bypass keyboard/mouse detection while playing in console

    So, i just plugged in my mouse and keyboard into my PS4 and realised that i was being matched to PC players.... is there anyway to bypass the input detection and play with console players only? Thanks.
  12. B

    Solved  Console Wizards legitimate?

    Sorry for being "that guy" but i want to know, is Console Wizards a reputable place to RGH Your console? They're local to me so id rather just pay the £60 fee to get it done quick rather than ship it to someone for £10 less, already have a RGH Trinity Just looking to get a Phat console because...
  13. Adolfin

    News  RUMOR: Two Xbox Consoles To Be Revealed At E3 2019; Halo Infinite To Be A Launch Title

    Earlier today, French website Jeuxvideo reported that Xbox Lockhart and Xbox Anaconda, the next-gen Microsoft consoles, will be revealed at this year's E3 press conference. The Lockhart is believed to be the cheapest of the two consoles, with the Anaconda being more expensive with improved...
  14. Stellaris: Console Edition Arrives In February

    Stellaris: Console Edition Arrives In February

    When Stellaris: Console Edition launches on Feb. 26 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it will be the first grand strategy game ever released for modern consoles. So how do you fit such a notoriously fiddly format onto a controller? The team at Paradox started by tearing down the entire user...
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    Boosting Lobby Service - Multiple Consoles

    Hi guys, Doing BO4 boosting, currently own 4 consoles. Message me if you'd like to boost with me.
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    Unsolved  Disc Shows Wrong Game On It after Dashboard Update

    So i updated my dashboard today because it was quite outdated and not playing some recent games. I used XeBuild to update it. After updating dashboard i noticed that when i inserted a new disc into my console it did not show the thumbnail to the game like it used to before. i went into game...
  17. Fortnite Is Coming To China

    Fortnite Is Coming To China

    The hugely popular battle royale game, Fortnite, is coming to China, it appears. Developer Epic posted a drawing on Twitter today of the fictional Fortnite character Jonesy's passport, which is stamped for entry into China on April 23. That could be the day the game is due to launch in China...
  18. M

    Unsolved  Console banned ps4 anything I can do about this?

    basically, the first time I got banned it was just an account ban for buying games and then taking the money back. So I made a new account and done the same which was a stupid idea. Now i am console banned and I just wanted to know if there was something i could do to use my playstation again. I...
  19. D

    Unsolved  Newb/Overall Questions

    Hey, so I used this forums for GTA only but I started digging and found the Console forum. I'm reading about jailbreak and stuff, but I really don't know what does it do, and ofc I wouldn't attempt to JB my PS4 if I don't know what even jailbreaking does. Jailbreak/Modding (same?) I'm pretty...
  20. Wiki

    Discussion  The Nintendo Switch out Sold PS4 & Xbox One's Sells Last Year.

    The Nintendo Switch has been a success beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. In September, for instance, it ended up being the top selling platform again, buoying Nintendo to a 2/3rds share of the hardware market in the US, in spite of it lacking a major release outside of the Pokken remaster (while...
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