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    Unsolved  Need help unbanning my PS3

    I would appreciate it if someone could help me with unbanning my PS3 it's on the latest version of rebug. Need to know where to get the safest and most legit console IDs. Thanks Reece
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    Solved  Banned Console - Any way to add account?

    I have an Xbox one with a console ban (got it like that so no idea how it happened), it receives updates but you can't sign in to an account or use Xbox live in any way. What id like to do is just play offline game disks on it.. However It has also been reset so currently has no account on it -...
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    Solved  Just a few questions about dual nanding with an xecuter demon

    1. Do I need to reflash my r-jtag 360 (has CR4) with the retail nand before installing the demon (to avoid console ban) or does it not matter? 2. How can I create a retail hdd with my hacked 360 to use on xbox live with a retail nand on the demon? Or do I need to buy a preowned official 360...
  4. China is Officially Lifting 15-Year Ban on Consoles

    China is Officially Lifting 15-Year Ban on Consoles

    In the midst of June 2000, the Ministry of Culture issued a notice forbidding "any company or individual from producing and selling electronic game equipment and accessories to China." As of today, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft can now manufacture video game consoles in China without having to...
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