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  1. J

    Question  Xbox 360 rgh won't connet to live with the 2.0.17544.0 update.

    Hi everyone I have a big problem with my console, I've tried to connect to xbox live my Xbox 360 corona rgh2 but I can't. Even if I want to get banned I can't connect, I went to the dash launcher and disable the live block and livestrong, then I let ping patch on and that's it. But when I try to...
  2. ilikefredy

    Question  RGH Trinity System Link (Not LiNK) Issue

    EDIT: I have discovered the issue lies in my chromosome count. I didn't not realize that most games must be started, to allow for joining into a System Link lobby. May someone learn from my mistakes! Hello & Happy Holidays! Just recently finished a daunting project of RGH'ing and painting...
  3. E

    Solved  RGH can't connect to internet.. HELP!

    My rgh xbox 360 can't, o won't connect to internet. I don't know why. I have liveblock disabled in Dashlaunch and i have a stealth server. I just got the xbox and i'm new to the modding stuff. So i have no clue what i should do. When i'm trying to connect to internet it shows suggestion to me...
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