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    Solved Xbox One running through PC

    I am making this post to ask how do you run an Xbox One through a PC. I have seen so many posts about the old GTA V DNS mods and that people ran their xbox's through pcs... How do you actually do this??
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    Solved Computer Case Design

    Hey Guys, Anyone know anyone? Or even point me in the right direction of somewhere that can help me design a computer case from a sketch. It would be massively appreciated and greatly acknowledged if so. Thanks guys, stay safe.
  3. M

    (PC) Looking for someone to boost on , need guidance on how to do it.

    I want to boost on MW on the PC and would appreciate if someone could show me the ropes. Please help out! I'll leave a tip if you can successfully boost the guns I want gold. Post or DM me for contact.
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    Discussion Can someone nab this 3d model of Pogo the Monkey so I can print it?

    I want to print this about 12"-18" If I can get it to look nice enough I'd like to mold and cast it for fun. Can anyone nab it for me? If you can see the picture it's the one inside the arcade office.
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    Unsolved Metal prongs missing from cables an issue?

    I am switching out my power source, and see that a few metal prongs are missing from almost all of the cables. Is this something I should be worried about? I read a few forums that said it shouldn't be a problem with the 24 prong cable. What about for the Sata and CPU cables that connect to the...
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    Show Off Filloti's New PC.

    Hey Ya'll, So I've been quite inactive on here for the last few months, been very busy in life, But also for the past year or two I've been saving slowly for a new PC, My original PC was a basic DELL, and I've always wanted a powerful PC so I treated my self and hopefully this baby will last me...
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    Solved Build my own Xbox 360 RF receiver

    Hi there! I'm a hardware hack enthusiast and I was wondering if anyone had some information about the Xbox 360S wireless pcb. I already found a post about this which is kinda out-dated. For now I wanted to connect the chip to my computer and use it as a receiver. I found some pictures from...
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    Ark Scorched Earth Server Active Admins

    SERVER NAME- DragonsARK On Unofficial Servers Hi My Name Is Jamie But People Call Me Gwidlets, My Friend Has A Scorched Earth Server And I'm Just Helping Him Out Alittle. The Server Is 15x Everything And The People Who Play It Are Very Nice With Active Admins On Every Day, We Have Started To...
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    Discussion CSGO FPS

    sup gr8 m8, My csgo has been lagging really bad recently (10 FPS and up to 300 ping) I just wanted to know what the FPS should be given my specs. intel core dual Pentium Processor @ 2.3 GHz 3 GB RAM 64 bit operating system 143 GB free space on C drive
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    Solved graphic card

    so I've been looking around for a good graphic card for my desktop so I can improve my games on my computer what kind of graphics cards do you guys recommend? something under $500 please.
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    Booting loop, help??

    HI, so today I got given a desktop computer and if I could get it to work I can keep it. I haven't come across something like this before.. When I try and boot up it will go to the windows logo and then back to the motherboard screen at the start and the hard drive is making an scratching sound...
  12. PINE A64: A Worthy Challenger to the Raspberry Pi

    PINE A64: A Worthy Challenger to the Raspberry Pi

    You'd be a fool to say that the technology industry wasn't growing at an extremely fast pace. It seems as if I only wrote my article on the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero computer yesterday, but lo and behold, we already have another contender in the race. Meet the PINE A64 computer, a computer that...
  13. The Raspberry Pi Zero: A $5 Computer

    The Raspberry Pi Zero: A $5 Computer

    I am certain that a fair number of us here can easily ramble on and on about how our custom PC's are total beasts and how they'll tear any game up at max settings and so on and so forth, but how would we react if someone told us about a brand new PC that cost a mere $5? I am sure most of us...
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