1. ConnorKirk

    Xbox One Comptetive team

    Looking to start/join a good team for team play. I’ve got a 2.0+ K/d in pubs and a heavy OBJ/hybrid player. Looking to get some slayers and start playing league play. Add me GT: CONNOR KIRK
  2. Overwatch Competitive Season 8 Now Live With Some Changes

    Overwatch Competitive Season 8 Now Live With Some Changes

    New for Season 8 are changes to the skill rating system, starting with the fact that the difference in the highest and lowest-skilled player on the same team is reduced to these ranges: 1000 SR (Bronze-Diamond), 500 SR (Master), and 250 SR (Grandmaster). This change is being made to make it...
  3. Edward15883

    New competitive arena settings

    What does everyone think about the new Competitive arena settings?
  4. A

    IW  Im In Search For a Team Xb1!

    Anyone interested to pick invite to their clan no need to overthink, Although I'm young (15years) I'm experience when it comes to competitive I'm great at SnD and Hardpoint but need more practice for Uplink Age: 15 Slayer or Obj Kdr 2.04 Gamertag: ODDxMARLEYxOF Xb1 Xb1 Xb1 Xb1 Xb1 Xb1 Xb1 Xb1...
  5. T


    VGN is recruiting. We are a community clan playing all popular games on Xbox. We mostly play Black Ops 3 and do competetive GBs and UMGs. Our UMG rank was once 11th in the world. Aside from that we accept all members if you're just looking for people to play Xbox with as long as you're 13+...
  6. PenaBooy


    We are looking for competetive players to play gb/umg with. We don't look at your age just skill and communication. If interested send me an email at [email protected] and come for tryouts! See you soon!
  7. D

    IW  oG Clan Recruiting !

    Im the Leader and just started this clan. I need a Co Leader a Director Graphic Designer And Players ! I have 100k on instagram so the clan is already known :) MUST HAVE - A Mic - Experience in competitive - 13 to 16 GAMES THE CLAN WILL BE PLAYING - Battlefield 1 - Call of Duty...
  8. Claws

    Discussion  What's your ELO rank?

    I've been getting into overwatch recently and have begun to play competitively. I'm curious to see how other people stack up against me; post your ELO rank and what platform you're on! I'm on Xbox One and I'm currently at 2600 competitive rank.
  9. Claws

    Tutorial  How to auto-join gamechat

    There's been many of times that I've been sitting in my friend chat without realizing it in a competitive game. Communication is key in this strategy based game, so it is crucial to always be communicating with your team. Here's how you set your chat to automatically join gamechat when you're...
  10. Grimsic

    Make Gaming Great Again! Join vG (Xbone)

    Make gaming great again join Vengeance Gaming (vG). Hello and thanks for looking at my post. vG is looking to refill its ranks. We will utilize the Xbox club system as well as having a website in the works. And no we don't only play CoD so here are some games we play. • Call of Duty ...
  11. ElectrifyEsports

    (Xbox One) eLectrify is now RECRUITING for our IW team!!! Competitive players needed!!

    If you want a serious competitive team for Xbox one, eLectrify would love to give you a tryout. Just leave the following! -Rank -KD ratio -where do you fit in on the team(objective,slayer,anchor, ect.) -why do you want to join eLectrify? Thanks I'll contact you for a tryout!!! Twitter: Electrifygg
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