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    Someone help me with camos pls Activision is linkzy#1995105

    Help me
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    More Free Zombies Boosting Lobbies (w/ EASTER EGG RUNS!)

    I will do this slightly different than the first time, simply because I feel it didn't happen in a first-come first-serve manner. These will be slightly shorter. Please do not ask for more rounds/time as I want to cycle as many people as I can. DUO: Round 30 (Take turns on rounds) TRIPLE...
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    Cold War Boosting Lobby

    Cold War boosting lobby add YoureDogCrap#4500986
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    Streaming / Video  Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Beta

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    Unsolved  Jasper slower from cold boot?

    So, I have recently RGH'd a Jasper 512mb big block and I have come across an issue that I have never seen before lol. If I leave the system off for a while, it takes ages to boot (Sometimes 7-8 cycles). However, after a couple of boots, it insta-boot every time. It's weird. This has made this...
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    Video  Entering 1st Prestige (EXO'S K/D & STATS)

    Did Prestige a while ago but here is the video finally! #Sorry4TheWait & Prestige 2 Coming Soon!
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