1. definitelynotlxm

    Discussion  NBA 2K19 Unlimited VC Glitch ($16,000+/10 minutes)

    Steps: 1. Create a new player in MyCareer. Position: Center Primary Skill: 3pt Shooting Secondary Skill: Shot Creating Height: MAX Weight: Do Not Change Wingspan: MAX When the message pops up asking if you’d like to skip the prelude and go straight to the NBA select YES. 2. Choose a team that...
  2. bigboigal

    FUT 18 Glitches

    Looking for people who know fut 18 glitches(Coins,FUT Champs,Squad Battles, or Packs). I know some that i can show in exchange.
  3. Y

    Need Rep Track 4 and Melee Coins

    Hello my PSN name is Yeszz_mk2 and i need rep track 4 for enforcer or melee coins for the close range syndicate assignment. For reptracks i need someone who is willing to be hacker every once in a while and who wants to play with me on low-population servers. The more the merrier! For melee...
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