1. M

    Unsolved  Fixed

    I’ve recently started making my own tool and was wondering how you’d inject a waw r2r menu real time and start infecting players when said button is clicked. I’ve seen it done recently and in the past and I have no clue where to even start. I’ve tried looking at Gamer7112 AIO Tool and I believe...
  2. FoxyModz

    Code  ClanWar Offset

    (0x8261828C) I've had this for awhile hopefully someone with more Knowledge can make something. Enjoy (2187428492U)
  3. SnotNosedJohnny

    Unsolved  gta 5 How can one go about coding a specific tab for mod menu gta 5

    I have the entire list of every single character that's in GTA. Even animals.. And every single gang member. There was a mod menu on ps3 at one point that had a character change bar. Just type in the code of the character and boom, it changes you. But it was the only one I ever seen and I want...
  4. M

    Unsolved  How can I make a mod menu for any game on ps3?

    How can I make a mod menu for any game on ps3? I already know how to code a GTA 5 sprx mod menu in c++ and make mod loaders, scripts, sprx, and have much experience with C++. I wanted to know how could I code my own mod menu on any game I want on ps3 such as dead rising 2 games? where could I...
  5. BrizzleRGH

    Unsolved  Would anyone like to help me make a Mod Tool for Dead Rising 2 (Off the Record)

    Tool will be made in VS 2015 using c# and JRPC as the plugin. i will gladly share my offsets ive found to help merge and create a tool together. i have already gotten a couple offsets like money and player size my main goal is to create a tool to mess around with when playing online with...
  6. A

    Game Mods  [Request] Port GTA V PC Mod to xbox 360. Have PC Source Code

    Hello all, I was hoping to find someone that has experience coding GTA V mod menu's for JTAG/RGH. There is an awesome quadcopter/drone mod that is only available for PC but would be super cool to have on 360. I was able to find the PC source code on github and got to thinking.. Does someone...
  7. iamabignumber

    Mod Menu  IMPULSE MENU - Kick Logs

    Use it wisely, skids... :wink: :44:23] [INF] [sge] num args: 24 | event id: -1246838892 | sender id: | receiver id: Invalid [1:44:23] [INF] [sge] num args: 16 | event id: 930233414 | sender id: | receiver id: Invalid [1:44:23] [INF] [sge] num args: 16 | event id: 297770348 | sender id: |...
  8. S

    Unsolved  Xbox one Modding

    So I know this sounds stupid as **** but does anyone know how to code really good but is also trying to figure out how to mod so I can explain an idea I have and if you think we can do it and if it’s possible!
  9. E

    Solved  How do I import code onto a WAW savegame?

    Hello, I started modding WAW on my xbox 360 around late 2014. I eventually discovered CFGModdings "WAW Mod Menu Generator" tool and started making my own menus, whey were pretty bad as the features on the site were limited so I eventually learned to manually code my menus and import them onto a...
  10. Walmart Shooter

    Solved  Which programming language are GTA5 mod menus written in?

    Is it the same language for ps3 and xbox 360 and ps4 mod menus?
  11. JModsYT

    Mod Menu  NEW GTA 5 Mod Menu Base for RGH/JTAG Consoles Only! + Download Link (Made By Jxckyy)

    I've worked on a small basic menu design for GTA 5 RGH/JTAG... I only advise you using this if your experienced with pulling Coordinates and able to know the basics of Visual Studio, Between version 2010-2017. Must make sure that you have Coordinates before adding the code into Visual Studio^...
  12. U

    Python  World cup Sim Problem. If statements not working and need help adding the goals

    I'm trying to create a world cup simulator in python (since the world cup is underway). So far I have added a random function for the program to choose 2 random teams from an already set out list. This works fine but I will include in case the problem lies in this first def This second def is...
  13. A

    Solved  Gta V Menu Scroll/ Select Help

    I'm not sure if I messed up with my button monitoring or what, but if anyone could help please let me know, either here or discord. Discord: ColtyPoo#9781
  14. DDDJAY

    Unsolved  XNotify Notification C/C++ Idea

    Hello ! I've Been Coding C++ . How Do I Use "#define XNOTIFYUI_POS_BOTTOM 2" Found In Xam.h AM using the XNotify(); Function i want the notify to pop up at the bottom
  15. J

    Solved  Is anyone able to pm me a couple of Profile Recovery Packet dumps?

    I was asked to write a profile grabber for the PC (So it would be possible to download a profile, and send it to xbox hard drive), But as I don't have an xbox 360 that can connect to live... (For that matter I currently don't have a modded xbox right now either lol) it is a bit difficult to do...
  16. xLeek

    .NET  Mafia 2 SDS Decompressor by Crypt0z

    I didn't know where to post this so I chose here. It basically decompresses mafia 2 sds files for further resource extraction.
  17. J

    Solved  How Does XBLMBrowser generate the XCP Links.

    I am not sure If I am allowed to ask this here, I'm probably walking a fine line. If its not ok, -->Please send me a pm<-- and remove the thread. Anyway on to my question, Basically I have been working on a .net Alternative to the XBLMBrowser By SKFU (posted here). As his program crashes...
  18. F

    [Help Needed]JRPC Dll Error

    I keep getting this error and idk how to fix 1. if anyone knows how to fix it please comment thank you have a great day <3
  19. xLeek


    How would you write a backend for a game client? Some info maybe: languages to write in directions on what to do Plz Hwlp
  20. J

    Solved  Wheres all the homebrew 360 stuff at?

    Been wondering if anyone has some suggested sites for 360 Homebrew related things (Developer Libs and compilers for xex files). I know the Wii, 3ds, psp, all have pretty good homebrew support. Was wondering where all the 360 stuff is at. If anyone knows what sort of Dev libraries have been...
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