1. Ro0ti

    Java  Zoom Meeting Code Generator

    Here is my source code, NodeJS was used to build the app and can be used to run it. Preview Simply generates codes and saves to text file. Source Code
  2. PhoenlxRC

    Unsolved  Help: how can I load images on-screen with a SPRX plugin?

    so just like the title says, assuming I was to load a menu of different sizes using tiles(the same way the game loads GUIs), and loading the .png images as the tiles, I was wondering how I would go about rendering images. assuming I know where the tile textures are located.
  3. DxW

    Code  TUG Freeze Protection - Source Code

    TUG FREEZE its old freeze nothing new but still some people use it its on DAXX MENU if(tugfreeze){ if((IS_BUTTON_PRESSED(0, BUTTON_A)) && (IS_BUTTON_JUST_PRESSED(0, BUTTON_B))) { delete_vehicles(9999,true,"all"); print("Deleting Tugs"); } }
  4. M

    Code  code mw3

    hey i know this com is dead but i have fun making rte tools it would be great if you can share your code with me in a return of free access to me tool this.XRPC.SetMemory(2182039260U, new byte[] { 57, 60, 0, 1 })...
  5. Caboose

    Tutorial  007 Quantom of Solace Modding [Research/Info]

    First off, I have no idea where to put this so i'm putting it here for now, since there's no dedicated section for this. I also want to mention that this research was done by me and ISOCheated . It is incomplete as is, but it should be a stepping stone for anybody interested in modding this game...
  6. dix_pix

    Unsolved  GSC Mod Menu Help (BO2)

    I'm new to coding and creating my first GSC menu. What I would like to ask is...does anyone know how to make your Menu Title spin? Like the text/number scramble effect? I've seen codes for spintext etc..but this is for displaying messages in-game? Thanks for any help.
  7. fredd0rules

    Discussion  Creator code list

    does anyone else here Have a creator code, I just would like to see how many people in this community have one and if you would like to use mine go a head I’ll greatly appreciate it Creator code: fredd0rules
  8. aho

    Discussion  Garnet Droog Codes

    Just wanted to share the codes i didnt find any post with its codes since its tricky to add it with Gibbed Editor so here it goes: Full Vladof parts(damage): BL2(hwAAAAAOOAmCSAQMCwGFmoJpACMBhgXMBZj//2Rg/v/rIExByAHm) BL2(hwAAAACs9AmCSAQMCwGFmoJpACMBhgXMBZgbMGRg/v/rIExByAHm)...
  9. E

    Solved  How do I import code onto a WAW savegame?

    Hello, I started modding WAW on my xbox 360 around late 2014. I eventually discovered CFGModdings "WAW Mod Menu Generator" tool and started making my own menus, whey were pretty bad as the features on the site were limited so I eventually learned to manually code my menus and import them onto a...
  10. Cod_king757

    Discussion  *FREE* BO4 Beta download no code needed !! After patch Method

    Create new user Set location to Saudi Arabia Use postal code 12643 Verify email Go to saved data for free psn trial PlayStation store and find Bo4 beta under “what’s hot” and enjoy
  11. X

    PS4  Grand Theft Auto 3 Cheats *works with Trophies*

    I wasn’t able to find it listed when searching but I purchased the GTA trilogy on PS4. All your favorite cheat codes still work. Also, you can still receive trophies if you play for completion. I haven’t tried it on San Andrea or Vice City yet. Here is a list of the codes Maximum Armor R2...
  12. H

    Solved  How do you guess a 6 digit code on Xbox One

    I kicked my gf out of my house for being a b**** and she put a 6 digit code on everything. Even my old account i don’t have access to. I found a way that the guess key code lets you try (unlimited times, it lets you do 3 times kicks you out but you can click back on it again within a second). I...
  13. toofaces2

    Code  Animation/Scenario Source Code [Dev]

    Here I publish some Animtaion/Scenario Source Codes if you want, I can add further -->PM ( Pastebin has 20 Post limits )...
  14. A

    Code  Change Weather All Players (Super fun!)

    void setWeather(char *weatherType) { *(unsigned int*)0x82C6CDC8 = 0x60000000; *(unsigned int*)0x82533CBC = 0x60000000; *(unsigned int*)0x82533CFC = 0x60000000; GAMEPLAY::SET_WEATHER_TYPE_NOW_PERSIST(weatherType); } It's super fun I cannot believe why nobody has done this before. Cheers to happy...
  15. YzQz

    Solved  Need help with my RGH!

    Hello, basically this is my second RGH, my first one i didn't have a problem with, but this one i get this error every time i click "My games" or "my apps" or "recent" and i can't do anything about it, i deleted everything off my harddrive, change server and its still there (Only when im online...
  16. M

    Solved  Any way to get a Beta Code w/o pre-order?

    Does anyone know where you can get a free beta code? Preferably for Xbone but PS4 works too. I am cheap man and do not want to spend $5.
  17. NeverFamousGuy

    Massive GSC Thread

    Before using this thread and ripping me apart, understand that when I say functions it is lightly used as I understand these are methods, functions, csc functions, etc etc. and not just "Functions", but to categorize them all into one category I have decided to just use functions. --------------...
  18. Axx9844

    Solved  Gsc Menu Help

    I recently made a gsc mod menu. Then I lost all the code. The menu is downloadable ad I was wondering if I could extract the code of the menu to work on it some more.p
  19. LxrdRaven

    Solved  Is anyone able to help me out? [code question]

    So I have been searching and testing a bunch of different things out in my patch, and I'm trying to figure out a way to spawn a usable care package that won't be picked up quickly. so far this is my code for the Spawn Care Package. This currently just drops a usable Care Package, but to myself...
  20. Saucy Modz

    Solved  Need Help Editing A Basic Mod Menu

    Hey I have the TCM v11 menu and all i'm trying to do is edit the messages that can be sent out on the menu to my liking. The problem is I can't find any tutorial on YouTube on how to do this. All I need to know how to do is go in and change the menu code's messages and then use that updated menu...
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