1. B

    Mod Menu  Hosting {W@W} SummerBassV2 Infections & InspirationV1 COD4 Infections (Xbox Only) {ONLINE}

    *Hosting Summerbassv2 & inspiration v1 mod menus! *Gamertag to add: DosMitigated *Hosting Partner GT: o2WMTo *Add us for an invite *Status: {OFFLINE} *2 of the best R2R infection menus out 🔥 *Please be patient for an invite & while infections are being loaded when in lobby. Takes a few minutes...
  2. Heisenberg_

    Heisenbergs Multi-COD | Unlock all | Any Rank | Mod Menus | Frozen class fix

    WELCOME TO HEISENBERGS MODDED LOBBIES Will be hosting on all of the call of duty’s listed below daily, using many different menus. MOD MENUS COD4: Mary Jane R2R, Inspiration R2R, Project Concord, Ghost legacy patch. WAW: Project Toast R2R, Purple Kush, Cyan Kush, Motion Flex zombies. MW2/MW3...
  3. E

    Unsolved  Multiplayer screen loading over and over again.. Can anyone reset my account??

    Hey! can anyone reset my account so i can actually play multiplayer again?! rebought the game for xbox one and saw the glitch is still stuck on my account and i can’t play. someone please help!!
  4. Andrew Tate


    All of the older call of duty matchmaking seems to be finally fixed on Xbox. I’ve gotten updates for games such as mw3 all the other old gen call of duty games seem to have been fixed as well and I have found games easily in mw2 and bo1 as well without having to do some workaround. Today is a...
  5. Bl3nder MoDz

    Cold War Service Open

    You want Darkther in Cold War ? All CllaingCards in ZM or MP? U need Crystals for ZM? Post ur Activison ID with ur # i will Invite forr the Lobby orr Add me onn Activision. ID: FatalityTemp#9534165 Status: OFFLINE If i am not Online orr AFK dont Spam me. Message me her or Ingame what u want.
  6. KnightUnlocks

    Paid Service  ⚡️#1 COD TOOLS & MORE⚡️ | 💎INSTANT DELIVERY!💎 | ⭐️HARD Unlock Tools⭐️ | ✅100% SAFE✅

    Our Official Discord INSTANT DELIVERY Click Me To Purchase! Use this code at checkout for 10% off, only valid for the first 5 buyers! CODE: Se7enSins Accepted Payment Methods BTC/ETH/LTC PayPal Cash App To Make A Purchase Join Our Discord From Link Above & Open A...
  7. BKRandy

    COD Ranked Boosting/Climbing

    Using Phantom Overlay on COD Season 2 Ranked. Looking for some decent players to boost/climb with, or cheaters to make games faster. Not fully raging. Playing to win. Please don't be new. Add me on discord, BKRandy#3668
  8. Insane Army Ranger Sniping | Dolphin dive clip | MWII

    Insane Army Ranger Sniping | Dolphin dive clip | MWII

    had to put the OG theme on for this one boys, after turning on a sweatball and extinguishing a camper/tourist i hit the dolphin dive to escape enemy fire in true heroic fashion, nailing another charlie in the process right as he catches view of me
  9. Quadbrain

    Discussion  How do you Like my new Gaming Pc Mod? ((for COD MW2 (IW4X))

    Its Work in Progress but already high Resolution of 2k* :D! Water Cooled Gaming Pc inside Screen :D! Windows 10 Installed now and new Background :D! And more screens for the next Lan Party of Cod MW2 ! :D Entire new Pc with RTX Nvidia and RGB `;..;´ :D! Plugin in the new Gaming System...
  10. N

    Discussion  If you would like to boost on mw2 we host 24/7 boosting lobbies for mwii to get in add my

    If you would like to boost on mw2 we host 24/7 boosting lobbies for mwii to get in add my ORION MASTERY CAMO GRIN
  11. N

    COD MW2 (New cod) boosting

    New cod out on friday, if you're looking to boost for the new camos we are going to be hosting boosting lobbies on the day of the release. Message me on here or add my acti if you're up for boosting on Friday when the game releases FS96#7337343
  12. Murdah209

    News  Vanguard Faceoff for $50.00 USD? Xbox only.

    ● Sorry I'm a noob lol Vote up here... 1658787764 💥💥💥💥 ORIGINAL POST 💥💥💥💥
  13. aaronaj222

    Discussion  COD HWID Blocker

    Anyone experience know how to block COD from banning serial's, ie hiding serials from the game basically so you never get banned? Was wondering because i see people selling it right now and if we can develop our own we can make one free for 7S. Hit me up if you know or heard of anything.
  14. Chosen 1


    STATUS: OFFLINE Hosting free lobbies to earn trust with the community Post your Activision ID below and I will invite people who are online! Please post legit after the lobbies PROOF:
  15. T


    Looking for people to run dogs and help each other get the 3 killstreaks in 1 game.
  16. Falkie97

    Hosting a Unlock all Bot Lobby ! PC WW2

    proof in video above just taken so hope you all enjoy and post below if u want in
  17. Dannyvld

    [DUTCH ONLY] Looking for new players for shooters

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, We are looking for nice fun people to play mainly shooters with. These include games such as Battlefield 2042, Hell Let Loose, Insurgency Sandstorm, Call of Duty Vanguard & Halo Infinite. If interested, send a message on Xbox to Dannyvld or on PSN to...
  18. xGamer7777x

    Streaming / Video  Modern Warfare Remastered Five Years Later

  19. C

    Bot Lobby Boost

    Bot lobby glitch comment username and I’ll send request
  20. D

    Discovery  Superman Jump Still Possible

    Hey All, Looking to see if someone can help figure out how to replicate this, or if this was just a one-off bug whilst playing..! Shortly after aiming down the sight, I tried to jump roof which caused my character to jump an insane distance. Video footage of it here:
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