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    Bot Lobby Boost

    Bot lobby glitch comment username and I’ll send request
  2. D

    Discovery  Superman Jump Still Possible

    Hey All, Looking to see if someone can help figure out how to replicate this, or if this was just a one-off bug whilst playing..! Shortly after aiming down the sight, I tried to jump roof which caused my character to jump an insane distance. Video footage of it here:
  3. P

    Can someone please boost me?

    Hey, I need help to get my weapons max level so I can grind the DM ultra, if someone can please boost me so I can max out my guns I'd really appreciate it. thank you. Killin Becheese#5113595
  4. P

    Unsolved  i need help with call of duty online

    i just made an account here just so I could ask this but I just got codol 2 days ago and this error 8014 comes up like 5 or fewer minutes when I start it and I don't know what it means or how to fix it so someone please help it wouldn't let me add it as a photo so there's a link to a google...
  5. P


    Looking for someone who knows a way to boost To unlock Cold War camos drop ur Activision adds below on all day and night let me know
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    Looking for people to boost with in multiplayer (free)

    I'm going to host a boosting lobby for multiplayer, reply with your Activision ID to get added, I'm LilBarnacle#11827. If that doesn't work, try my discord: Jæk#8499
  7. K

    Cold War boosting multiplayer

    Cold War boosting (Not mods) Game mode3vs3 faceoff multiplayer boosting _____________________ What u get .levels .camos .gun levels _________________________ drop your tags below, will check every 15 mins...
  8. M

    Solved  menu not showing up

    someone please help me, i just bought the lifetime honeyhack mod menu and installed it successfully but wheni go in game for e.g zombie solo i cant get the mod menu to open and i press the ins key.
  9. S

    ? Torb's Zombie XP Lobbies! Prestige XP. ? (Closed)

    Hi there, everyone! Hosting XP Lobby. Post your Activision ID for invites. I will not be inviting people, just wait for an add and join. You will be removed right after you join. With the popularity of the game and what I can do for them, be patient, please!
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    Skepta's Modded Zombies Lobbies (Site Moderator)

    Hey guys, I'm going to be hosting free zombies lobbies using honeyhacks, to join please comment your activision ID below. I will be locking the thread when I am full or offline, so if you can't reply do not private message me or post on my wall. It simply means I'm busy IRL or we are currently...
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    More Free Zombies Boosting Lobbies (w/ EASTER EGG RUNS!)

    I will do this slightly different than the first time, simply because I feel it didn't happen in a first-come first-serve manner. These will be slightly shorter. Please do not ask for more rounds/time as I want to cycle as many people as I can. DUO: Round 30 (Take turns on rounds) TRIPLE...
  12. L


  13. T

    Unsolved  Can't install TU24 Update (at all)

    I need help to update my MW3 on my RGH. I extracted the game files via Freestyle dash to put the game onto my external HDD, ran the game one time and all was well until trying this update... I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled, ran lower TU menus no issues etc.. Only issue i am having is...
  14. V

    Modded Zombies Lobby 30 Min Rotations (XP, Weapon Levels and Camos)

    Doing some lobbies again, please post your Activison ID so I can add you in game. There will be 30 minute rotations, let me know if you have any questions.
  15. L

    Cod cw Xbox boosting

    Add DondeEstaUrP
  16. T

    Can anyone help me unlock woods?

    I’ve been trying since the game came out and either I get sweats or kills don’t count. Can anyone help me unlock him? All I need.
  17. I

    Unsolved  WaW freezes after converting from CEX to DEX (PS3)

    after i converted from cex to dex, every time I would load up waw, it would freeze. I know it's not a problem with the game because I converted it back to cex and it worked fine. Does anybody know how to solve this issue? For some further context I am running on rebug 4.84 spoofed to 4.86
  18. P

    Unsolved  Freezing Issue's & unable to connect to people on games! [JTAG]

    Hey guy's I recently decided to dust off my Old Jtag due to the whole No KV mode & free online being so readily available now a day's I was super excited to get back into it but I'm having these really odd & annoying problem's everytime I try & connect to the Online on Modern Warfare 2 it...
  19. A

    Game Mods  Appendum All Off-Host****Xbox 360 Rgh/Jtag Only****

    Hello, Watch the video to see what menu is about. Works on most CODS. Havent tested them all out yet. Appendum XEX Source files Virus Total thanks, arms04
  20. Lucky Warzone Win! (Gameplay)

    Lucky Warzone Win! (Gameplay)

    This is just a short clip of my Warzone win from the other day. Got extremely lucky with the circle (and the stim I picked up mid-game). Crazy how every second counts in this game!
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