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    Ghosts BO3 WWII - Guerrilla Gamers - Recruiting !

    Guerrilla Gamers is recruiting !. GGC is a brand NEW clan.. lets be honest- it sucks playing with randoms that dont even have mics lol.. you want to Be sure that you have a good team to play. I am the leader of a NEW cod clan called " Guerrilla Gamers" and im looking for members to join...
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    All IW MW3 MW2 WaW AW BO2 BO3 WE NEED PEOPLE (Sniper clan)

    Hi everyone, We are searching for people for our sniping clan. The clan was created 1 year ago the standarts are not high since we are not the best, but we will get better together as a team. We have some montages which i think are very well edited. We need serious people who are into Call of...
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    All Oblivion Alliance

    OBLIVION ALLIANCE this is an all cod, all console clan who is looking for Players, Directors, Editors, and GFX... if you are interested in joining please contact @reade_joshua on twitter...
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    IW Trident Reserve is Recruiting

    We are a brand new team looking for players on Infinite Warfare and MWR. To join simply reply to the thread, message us on skype, or dm us on twitter. Skype - [email protected] Twitter - @tridentreservee
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    BO2 ♧destruction Inc. V2 (dsti)♧

    Hello, i am re opening the destruction inc. Clan again. The first time was a flop, but i think i can do better on my part. Here is the required information, please note this clan is only for xbox 360. Gamertag: Age: Desired role: Favorite weapon: Desired position: CODs played: Timezone: Having...
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    Need Recurits , GFX , Editer and Co-Owners For a Sweaty Clan

    XBOX 360 ONLY! --------------------------- GT Has To Start With a Z or X --------------------------- BO1 MW2 COD4 BO2 - Mabye --------------------------- KD MUST ME 1.55 or ABOVE --------------------------- MSG xIcedz on XBX
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    |Team Dust|New Professional Clan|No requirements|

    What is this clan for? This clan Is for gamers who want to go into professional gaming, There is only one true requirement, That you can learn. We will also be on MLG Game Battles so that will have tournaments, events, etc.) How do I join? Message me on Xbox Live: TheDustySponge Good Luck!
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