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    Solved cod 4 mod menus

    Im looking for suggestions on which cod 4 (infectable) menus are the best iv seen lists but most seem a little out of date and i feel like there is probably newer and better ones out there now. any help is appreciated, i will be hosting them soon so im doing my research. thanks in advance.
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    Hosting Flying Turnip Join session

    Welcome to my lobby :biggrin: ( Its the flying turnip but the name changed :wink: ) hosting flying turnip infectable menu for a 30min :smile: have fun if any question just send me a message Instructions invite me in a private chat or send friends request then join session:smile: when in...
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    COD 4 Modded Lobbies - PSN: ErectilePains

    I will be doing a COD 4 Modded Lobby, lasting until Jan 15 - Jan 21. Add PSN: ErectilePains. Each day I will be doing a Zombieland Lobby or a Co-Host Lobby. Sub to my Youtube: RantaFanta :3 for Dank ****. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: "I WILL DELETE YOU IF YOU ARE NOT ON TO ADD MORE PEOPLE WHO...
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    PS3 Cod 4 10th & menu lobby!!!!

    PS3 Everything unlocked XP 10th Prestige Aimbot Wall hack Etc.. Message me for inv: Mattyxix
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    cod 4 menu

    Closed..... Not enough people
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