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  1. timexjones

    Discussion  GC2F Meme... Can we please make GTA fun again?

    I just saw a video on YouTube ripping apart the latest Give Cars To Friends video using the Strip Club. I just wanted to post something to lighten the mood. I'm linking the video below because I found it funny and gave me the idea to make the photo.
  2. B

    PS4  The ClubberLang Club [TCLC] | CEO/MC Grinding, Mission/Heist Assistance and Misc Requests.

    RECRUITMENT | The ClubberLang Club (TCLC) • CEO/MC Grinding, Mission/Heist Assistance and Miscellaneous Requests. • I’ve recently created The ClubberLang Club in hopes of forming a solid community that consists of CEO/MC/Mission/Heist Assistance along with any Miscellaneous Requests...
  3. Macroo

    Club for Boost

    I would like to invite everyone who likes Boost in xbox one, to join the club made, just search for "Boost Black Ops 4" or go to my gamertag (iM zMacroo) and find the club! Thank you all and welcome!
  4. R

    PS4  187X CREW MOTORCYCLE CLUB now taking prospects☝☝

    Looking for males and females!! Requirements: MUST be Loyal, Active, Respectful and be able to communicate through the PS Messages APP. We participate in, crew vs crew battles, clash of the crews tournaments, MC VS MC battles, club events such as rides, roleplay, playlists, competitions etc)...
  5. TheHerald

    Solved  How not to get banned? (PC)

    Hello fellow sinners. So I have GTA V Online on PC and although I myself play legitimate, I am considering modding or getting recovery in the future. There are a lot of threads which explain how not to get banned - but of course no one can give a 100% security of R* not banning you. Other...
  6. Cody Iles

    Xbox One Clan

    Welcome to the Future Exile (FLUX) recruitment page where you will be able to find the requirements and information to join this highly respectful community. FLUX is a dedicated gaming community that enables members to have the best gaming experience possible. The FLUX leadership team works...
  7. Z

    Trove Xbox One Club

    Hi I've made a club, I am currently building the club word. I'm looking for Active members. If you are interested can you coment your GT or add me on Xbox GT: Anonymous Slayz
  8. Nixist

    Xbox One  Trove Club Expansion

    I am the leader of a club called Primex. I am looking to expand my club of 22 members. I would like for more to join however, as we are needing more and more resources as we expand the club world. We (officers and I) play frequently while the other members play here and there. We are always...
  9. B

    Patched  Infinite MC business supply

    Accidentally stumbled upon it about a week ago and it's been working fine since. Read a few posts on here and saw that many have questions and some saying the methods they're using isn't working, so this is what y'all can try alternatively. It's very simple for me. 1. Not in MC, not in CEO. 2...
  10. S

    [XB1] Deuces Wild MC Recruitment

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