1. A

    Working  Bandolier on any outfit glitch

    Edit: Patched :( Bandoliers are now available to buy- ironically the glitched ones were much better than what we got, but it’s a step in the right direction at least! Okay so this got taken down before as I didn’t include text instructions for it- well I’ve played around and can now instruct...
  2. VenomPlays_YT

    Video  GTA 5 Online Red Joggers TryHard Modded Outfit 1.46! (Using Gta 5 Clothing Glitches!)

    Hope you like it
  3. VenomPlays_YT

    Video  GTA 5 Blue Joggers TryHard Modded Outfit Using Clothing Glitches 1.46!

    Hope you like it
  4. VenomPlays_YT

    Video  GTA 5 Online Modded TryHard Outfit Using Clothing Glitches 1.46

    Hope you like it
  5. Yeswiican

    Patched  Hat on Lighting Jumpsuit and other outfits

    I'm all about those esthetic glitches ! I've found this glitch by accident , i was messing around with the freeze animation glitch ! This is a glitch to get any hat on almost any outfit You need: -Outfit A, with the hat you want -Outfit B , saved on your outfit list , the one you want the hat...
  6. Slice

    Working  Grand Theft Auto V Clothing Glitch Mega Thread

    Grand Theft Auto V Clothing Mega Thread Current Patch *1.49* All-in-One thread for anything to do with clothing in GTA V. Full credit for creating this thread goes to Slice Remember we always need your help for updates. Thread up to date: April 2020 [/SPOILER] To improve search...
  7. llcubell

    Patched  Saving the Scuba Hood (Helmet Liner)

    Okay so currently there are a few ways to get the hood to "stick", such as: Once you're to this point you can run over to a telescope or use the one at your house to move it to another outfit. Problem is, when you...
  8. M

    Patched  Equip Business Shirts under new Open Flight and other jackets.

    This is pretty easy and straitforward glitch to equip Business Shirts with some items that normally are not compatible with this shirts. This thing may be obvious and already known, but I could not find any topics about it in a clothing glitches thread. It works only for female characters. 1...
  9. PNOTTZ420

    All  [NSG] NonStopGaming - Recruiting Now! All Platforms & Social Media!

    - ABOUT US - NonStopGaming start from competitive gaming to gaming clothing & more we have a full setup website for our clothing and designs and also technical support, We are very creative from making Youtube videos, Live Twitch streaming to Twitch & Youtube GFX and Logos We aim to grow big and...
  10. vaxiqxbox

    Patched  NEW Black Rockstar DEV T-Shirt Glitch 1.37

    Disclaimer: This is now a transfer glitch that transfers the last saved logo, so you can only obtain this if you have the grey shirt already :( Ok so I know for a fact I am the founder of this glitch so if you want to make a video make sure to give me credit. Firstly what you need to do is...
  11. 50blessings Wolf

    Solved  (NEED HELP FAM!!) Independence masks

    pc player, Im a massive hotline Miami fan and I own every animal mask except the wolf and the rest of these bad boys, I was just wondering if there is a way to still get it on pc, I'm going crazy searching the internet.
  12. JustBoxffeder


    THIS ONLY WORKS FOR THE FEMALE CHARACTER 1) Go to the wardrobe or a clothing store 2) Then go to Tops> Vest 3) Equip the Perseus Blue Sweater vest, QB Navy Sweater vest, QB Diamon Sweater vest or the White Sweater vest 4) Then save it as an outfit 5) After that go to Outfits> Heist...
  13. Modder v7

    Solved  Put Emblems on Outfits That Shouldn't Have Them?

    Hello all. Due to personal reason, my PC is O.O.C. and I'm thinking of going back to GTA: O on Xbox 360. It's been quite a while since I last played so I don't even know if a glitch for this exists still or not. I'm looking for any glitches where you can put crew emblems on outfits that...


    Custom mudded outfit using glitches. (before you all bite y head off saying the glitch has been found before) i wanted to people a outfit to give people an outfit of what can be done using this glitch. Seeing as its a glitch i thought id post it here, if this is a wrong place then let me know...
  15. BenRobin

    Solved  Script/Mod Menu to get Modded Clothing?

    Hi guys, I really want the police outfit and the bin man outfit, also the duffle bag, and i don't care about money etc. Is there a way i can get them? Thanks! :happy:
  16. Smarter Gaming

    Patched  Transfer Crew Emblem to Deadline or Tron Outfit and Hoodies, Solo, for Male and Female Characters!

    I like to use saved outfits, but you may transfer the crew emblem to your Tron or Hoodies in free roam even if they are not saved outfits. You must have a t-shirt with the crew emblem saved in a saved outfit slot. 1. Equip the Tron outfit or hoodie you want to put the emblem on so you are...
  17. Modder v7

    Discussion  Thoughts on VIP/Bodyguard Clothing Hotfix?

    Hello community, I've been LOA on GTA: V and Online recently and just decided to check the news on the latest update. I was ecstatic when I noticed some the outfits available for VIP and Bodyguards, and even more cheery when I noticed there was a glitch to keep them. That cheer, however, went...
  18. V

    Patched  Flight School Helmet

    I have not seen this glitch yet, if you have and know who is the rightful founder, let me know. Thanks! Credit: VloctyOG (Me) Unless found by another UPDATE ON BOTTOM! ------------------------ Steps: 1. Go to a clothing store 2. Go to outfits, select the "Flight Suits" (Either Suit Works) 3...
  19. U

    Patched  Ps4 Transfer any T shirt design Sport T shirts also

    Should work on all consoles. :biggrin: Note V - Neck T shirts - Crew T shirts don't work. . . 1. Select any: (((Sports T Shirts))) (((T Shirts))) (((Special T Shirts))) (((Sports Sweater))) With the design on the front that you like, while in your apartment wardrobe. 2. Now your ready to move...
  20. U

    Patched  Change the colour of Sports sweater and keep the design.

    Working Ps4 1. Select the Sports sweater with the design you like. While in your apartment wardrobe. 2. Back out of Sports sweaters and then go to Sweaters (Highlight) one of the following sweaters. 1. Green sweater. 2. White sweater. 3. Gray sweater. 4. Black sweater. 3. Once your ready...
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