clothing glitch

  1. Soflysojoe1


    1.Switch to your 2nd character 2. register as ceo 3. open interaction menu, go to securoServ CEO, management, atyle, Ceo style 4. choose what outfit you want and equip it. 5. switch to your main character and you should span it with the outfit 6. take it to clothing shop to save it.
  2. D

    Anyone have 5-10mins to spare so we can get Red/Black joggers?

    Hello all, I’m trying to get all colored joggers and need someone to invite me to the last listed MOC job. That way we can get the RED joggers. Takes 5-10 mins tops. I can help with anything you might want too! bl0m0dr0650 Xbox1 Old gen
  3. 2 Fuego

    Working  *SOLO* All Colored Auto Shop Duffel Bags - [How to + Full List]

    Requirements: 1. Auto Shop or Friend with Auto Shop 2. Helicopter / Flying vehicle 3. Israel parachute 4. At least two helmets Contracts: The Agency Deal: Green Digital duffel The Data Contract: Peach Camo duffel The Lost Contract: Red & black duffel The Bank Contract: Blue digital duffel...
  4. 2 Fuego

    Working  (BEFF) Flip - Any color Joggers to ALL color Joggers

    Requirements: 1. Netcut 2. Second console or trusted friend 3. ANY color joggers 4. Israel or classic parachute Setup: 1. Go to any clothes store & set spawn to last location 2. Create & save a new outfit with any color joggers equipped, called “C1” in any slot (make sure NOT to apply any...
  5. GrandTheftAutoVI

    Working  Transfer Special T-shirt logos on to sweater

    *I am the founder of this certain method of this method.* NOTE: Not all special t-shirts will work. If they are special tops that are a black or a white t-shirt, then the logo will transfer. But I am sure that other special tops might work and even the old t-shirts from the Independence DLC You...
  6. M

    Solved  Topless female character?

    I apologize if this is the wrong area to ask this. Hi all, started playing GTA Online recently and noticed that some people have topless female characters again, not the typical no bra under a jacket glitch, instead they have blue nipples. It was to my understanding that R* blacklisted this...
  7. Mr Glitches GTA


    So i saw in the discovery section there was an invisible arms glitch for the female character with incomplete steps so i bring you the full steps Founder TheChimp93 Requirements Female character French dress shirt, Casual shirt or any shirt you can open the collar on Loose collared shirtwaist...
  8. Mr Glitches GTA


    CARDIGAN/ARMOUR GLITCH 1.44/1.45 (SUPER EASY) Go to clothing store - Tops section - Sweaters Scroll through till you see the Cardigans and select which ever colour you want and back out Open interaction menu - Inventory - Armour and apply any armour
  9. GenericUser

    Patched  Scuba with flippers and glitched shirt

    This is working as of 26/12/17 1) Apply scuba suit. 2) Start "A titan of a job" 3) Go into water to activate flippers and tank 4) Suspend app (PS4) (Get kicked for inactivity on PC or XBOX) 5) (PS4 only) Go back to app 6) Accept alert message 7 You will spawn in with the outfit Notes...
  10. G

    Patched  New Method To Get Invisible Wrists With Any Baseball Tee And Grey Joggers 1.42

    So This isn't a new glitch but this is a new way to get this with grey joggers. Founder of this method using grey joggers was FireRecon Steps Get the grey joggers with strike vest from Rescue ULP mission...
  11. I

    Patched  2 Crew Emblems

    Not sure if this has been found by anyone else if it has please let me know. 1: Wear Crew Tshirt or any shirt that allows emblems and place emblem on the front 2: Wear any open jacket that allows emblems and place emblem on the back 3: save outfit.
  12. Mr Glitches GTA


    FEMALE WAIST PANTS GLITCH WITH SUSPENDERS Go to closet and in to Tops - Blouse - Select Any Go to Pants - High Wasted Pants and select the colour you want Go to Accessorise - Suspenders and select the colour you want Go to Masks - Head Scarfs just select one Now you will have glitched out...
  13. Unchained Savage

    Solved  (Multiple)Crew Emblems For clothing

    I found a really nice Tutorial up here that explained how to get multiple(Front and back) emblems and logos for clothing. It doesn't seem to be working for XBOX 1 anymore. I can't apply my Crew Logo to the hoodie on both front and back or anything else for that matter.. Are there still any...
  14. wassup guys5678765

    Patched  Get mission outfits using social club no 3 min wait

    How to get mission outfits solo without waiting 3 min Founder: Make sure to credit: FreightTrainWTF Method: 1:Start a job up and choose a job to get outfit from! 2: start job and once loaded bring up interaction menu and spam illuminated clothing...
  15. 9x19GLOCK

    Patched  Green duffle bag

    Need help finding a job or mission that has the green duffle bag to work on a possible save for it in freeroam
  16. Mr Glitches GTA

    Patched  Body Armour Glitched With Overalls GTA 5 1.40

    Body Armour Glitched With Overalls GTA 5 1.40 Wear any t-shirt even the latest Gunrunning T-shirts Open interaction menu and put on some body armour that you want to glitch Now go to the Pants section and go in to overalls now you can scroll through all the different overalls with the glitched...
  17. Mr Glitches GTA

    Patched  Logo Transfer glitch GTA 5 1.39 *Saves*

    Logo Transfer glitch GTA 5 1.39 *Saves* Be at one of you apartments closets (doesnt work at store) and set spawn location to last location Go to your closet go to tops and wear a t-shirt or sweater you want the new logo to go on to Now head out of apartment and back in (This must be done) Go to...
  18. Mr Glitches GTA


    GTA 5: GLITCHED JACKET WITH RACE BOOTS GLITCH GTA 5 1.37 Before i start i would like to point out that both glitches have been seen before but can only be put together using this method Now the suit jacket glitch is slightly different to the other method as you dont need to buy The Egotist...
  19. Mr Glitches GTA

    Patched  Bulletproof Helmet & Bandana Mask Glitch 1.37

    Bulletproof Helmet & Bandana Mask Glitch 1.37 Using a few steps from the hat and biker mask glitch i found a way to get the bulletproof helmet and bandana mask with no glasses. This can be saved but requires another step to get it to appear again after changing outfits which is easy...
  20. Mr Glitches GTA

    Patched  Wear Any Bead Necklace With A Normal Black T-Shirt

    Wear Any Bead Necklace With A Normal Black T-Shirt As you may know the bead necklaces can only be worn with the latest set of vests we got E.G the Perseus sweater vest but there is an easy method i just found to get in on a normal t-shirt and looks pretty cool especially if you use the white...
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