clothing gitches

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    Working  Bandolier on any outfit glitch

    Edit: Patched :( Bandoliers are now available to buy- ironically the glitched ones were much better than what we got, but it’s a step in the right direction at least! Okay so this got taken down before as I didn’t include text instructions for it- well I’ve played around and can now instruct...
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    Solved  Clothing Glitches

    Hello Guys, I'm thinking of redoing the clothing thread as its very outdated and everything is patched. I was wondering if people could comment on working clothing glitches as of patch 1.42. From now I have: Helmet on Mask Glitch Thank you to anyone who helps me with this thread.
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    Patched  Mystery Solved 100% Working How To Merge The Strike Vest From Grey Joggers To Tan Joggers Any Jacket

    Hey guys this is an update to my post earlier this week. Many people were unable to get this to work for them but I figured out how to fix it! Founder of saving the Doomsday Heist outfits I believe is Game Time Live First you need to start the mission Rescue ULP it's the first set up for the...
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