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    Solved Trinity can't play Xbox Classics after RGH

    Hey people! I've read numerous guides on how to get them to work but I can't. I have the original 250GB HDD, could play them via LT3.0 without RGH and now even my discs won't work, they'll be stuck on white Xbox logo and I have to power down the console with the power button. I installed the...
  2. Sega, Atari Classic Consoles Releasing In September

    Sega, Atari Classic Consoles Releasing In September

    AtGames has announced release dates for its upcoming line of Sega and Atari classic consoles. The plug-and-play systems are scheduled to go on sale in September. The higher end Sega Genesis Flashback and Atari Flashback 8 Gold are slated to release on September 22--a little over a week before...
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    Unsolved Okay so my saves for PS2 Classics are Gone and i dont know why

    before u ask i dont know what CFW i have or how to check, and i dont know alot of other stuff either so if u wanna know show me how to show u lol xD anyway., so i was playing Kingdom Hearts 1 for PS2,. and it would save fine, showing that i had MEM cards, but then i restarted my PS3 and the...
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