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  1. T

    Question  Infections Help

    I'm not going to use mod menus, but is there an infection that gives you op classes, legit classes because I don't know how to make good classes like I used to.
  2. A

    Solved  Glitched classes?

    Has anyone found a way to glitch/stack classes like previous games in mw?
  3. A

    Question  Frozen classes fix? 360

    Anyone able to help fix my frozen classes? Would be greatly appreciated. GT is ArniePalmees
  4. Dank ModZ 420

    MW3 (Open)|Max Rank|Any Prestige|Unlock All|Max Prestige Tokens|Colored Classes|

    if i need more dm me to let me know
  5. ImOvdz

    [OPEN] MW2 Frozen Class fixing FREE!

    [OPEN] MW2 Frozen Class fixing Just join my Lobby. After you join my Lobby you get kicked automatically! After...
  6. GSC_Cookies

    Tools  Nuclear Facility V2 | My First XRPC Tool

    This Is The Second Update Of My First XRPC Tool My RGH Still Isn't Working So I Haven't Been Able To Test It But My Skype is live:d7c85bc8bb331b12 If You Want To Contact Me And Give Feedback :smile: :smile: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?f1i8zj7704irroj Virus Scan...
  7. plebfish

    MW2 Frozen Class Fix/Mod Menu

    Hey guys I'm hosting Blue Sky menu and fixing frozen classes/unlock all! Just private chat me and join session! Proof
  8. puggal

    Solved  Tips on getting a nuclear?

    I nearly got one on kill confirmed I got on 20 and choked, any tips? Im running uav and counter uav and hatr
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