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    *CLOSED* MW3 Unlock All/Any Prestige/Max Tokens/AUG Class (All Client Menu)

    FREE LOBBY STATUS: CLOSED Hosting again 3/13/19 12AM EST LEFT DPAD = OPEN/CLOSE MENU (X) to Select (B) to go Back Must Select "Force Save Stats" for Account Menu selections to stick! NOTE: Force Stats kicks you from the game POST GT FOR INVITE
  2. LawBreakers Getting New Maps, Features, Class, And More

    LawBreakers Getting New Maps, Features, Class, And More

    LawBreakers, the new shooter from Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski, is getting some substantial-sounding updates. The game's official Twitter account has posted a preview of the game's post-launch roadmap for new content and features. It shows that players can expect new maps, features...
  3. Filloti

    Discussion  Battlefield 1 - All Primary Weapon Stats

    Below in the picture, you will find EVERY weapon in the Medic, Support, Recon and Assault class. If this post gets seen enough times I will post one with the Secondary, Vehicles and Misc weapons. Enjoy - Filloti.
  4. qwertywar

    Video  Random Class Challenge

    This is pretty funny
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