1. SonicIsSwifter

    NoVa Begining Clan

    Hello I am leader of the clan *NoVa* and I have just started it recently, there will be no need for a name change just yet as it is only a beginner, if you would like to join post this in this formant Example: Gamer tag:SonicIsSwifter Age:17 (requirements 13-any age) Favourite Cod: (if you...
  2. Alex Kinsman

    Discussion  Looking for modding clan

    Hi everyone, I Don't really post on websites but iv been modding for 4 years now with my Jtag and am fed up of people only wanting me to do lobbies all the time. I'm sure everyone knows what I mean, anyways I'm wanting to join a modding clan or after some friends that can mod. I had a falcon...
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