1. E

    Discussion  Bakers Dozen Laid Back Hell Let Loose Community 150+ Members.

    Bakers Dozen is recruiting! Bakers Dozen (WORLDWIDE) is looking for active members! We Currently support the following: 1. Xbox (Main) 2. PSN 3. PC (WIP) We are a group open to all; whether you're a veteran or a new player trying out HLL, we are here for you. Bakers Dozen has weekly match...
  2. Dannyvld

    [DUTCH ONLY] Looking for new players for shooters

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, We are looking for nice fun people to play mainly shooters with. These include games such as Battlefield 2042, Hell Let Loose, Insurgency Sandstorm, Call of Duty Vanguard & Halo Infinite. If interested, send a message on Xbox to Dannyvld or on PSN to...
  3. I

    MW  [NA][EU]XBOX][PS4] [PC][MW][16+] 5WIFT Gaming is Recruiting

    Are you tired of playing MW by yourself? Do you want to work together with likeminded individuals so that you can win more games rank up and meet new people. If you answered yes, then come join us at 5WIFT Gaming! We are active daily playing HC, Core and WZ. If you want people to run games with...
  4. Sesquipedalian


    Cross-platform Clan High-performance attitude. Taking Part in Ranked and the weekly tournaments. We are Active and have members playing predominantly on PC and Xbox we would like a mic if possible because within a game communication is key.
  5. D

    MW  BONIR Clan Looking for Guys who know how to have fun!

    My name's Dylan and we're looking for more recruits to want to tryout for our clan. We're laid back and like to have a good time. We're college kids home on break. But we know when to turn it up. We're all pretty skilled guys, but we just want to have fun while also taking things pretty...
  6. Shazza88

    MW  Regiment Recruitment | Demonic Collective (dC)

    Looking for players with a mic and of all skill and play style whether it be Comp or casual dont care just hoping to party up with a couple lads and have some good times (prefer Adults but if you’re funny then welcome ?) add me in the social menu Shazza#1085673 I’m based on pc but don’t...
  7. R

    MW  Prevail Gaming Clan in Looking For You

    Prevail Gaming (PvG) is an online gaming community featured on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC gaming systems. We are a fun, laid-back gaming community that welcomes both casual & avid gamers. We offer an opportunity for any gamer to join us based on maturity. Formed in 2019 as a network of...
  8. Misterforeal

    MW  Join my Regiment (Gold Clan Tag)

    Hey guys, im looking for people to join my regiment! Accepting Users of All Platforms! Add my Activision: Misterforeal#5173141 I'm inviting everyone! Must be respectful to other members!
  9. L

    Discussion  CLAN RECRUITMENT

  10. Modern Warfare Clan - Tuell clan

    Modern Warfare Clan - Tuell clan

    (pronounced tool) The Tuell clan is a bunch of individuals who are looking to run every lobby we join. Whether you are looking for someone to stomp games with or try out exploits, we will do our best to try help you find others alike. We are very active and always looking for new members...
  11. Articulus

    PC  Revenant Warriors- OSRS Clan- Over 10B Pked

    Hello all! If you play OSRS and would like to join a clan I am apart of we are always recruiting! We have 100+ members but more people we have the better. We do Rev cave pking mostly but we also do singles and clan events. If you have never PK'd before that is alright you can still come...
  12. J

    WWII  Xbox clan

    I'm looking to join a clan for WWII on Xbox one. I play every night (I have classes during the day). My KD is 2.67 and I'm over 18 years old. message me on twitter @johnjaenisch4 or on here if you can pick me up.
  13. Objexxt Gaming

    All  Objexxt Gaming is recruiting for COD Mobile

    Hey guys, i will be recruiting the next 3 days for Call Of Duty Mobile. If you want to join, just message me on here and i will get back to you promptly!
  14. U

    MW2  Mw2 trickshot clan

    I am looking for a clan to join on xbox one i am a trickshotter and have been in serveral clans before but nothing ever huge let me know if your recruiting! Make america trickshot again Add me on xbox gamertag: can of rusto
  15. E

    MW2  Looking for a Team

    Heyyy, I'm a Trickshotter looking for a Team as I'm wanting to make a return, I don't mind if it's a Private Match Team as I can Mod on PS3 and spawn Bots and that which I find is more fun than doing it online anyway :) (I could do 360 too but paying for a Stealth Server is a Money Pit) I have...
  16. R

    All  Recruiting for MWR/MW4 Clan Ps4 only!

    Recruiting for clan x2SiK, been running since mw2, must be able to change psn and have a good laugh! If interested message me. Psn - x2SiK-VipeR- UK Based but all are welcome!
  17. LegendaryLSD

    Discussion  The Divison 2: PvP+Raid focused clan!

    Hello, all! **XBOX ONE** Can you play PvP one hour each night, or want some sweet rewards?! We play PvP weekday evenings (USA): 7pm-11pm (PDT); 9pm-1am (CST); 10pm-2am (EST) If you have free time, I recommend leveling up! Story to level 12 Freeplay to level 20 Story +...
  18. S

    Xbox One  Xbox1 RP Clan

    Join now! We are in need of players that are highly experienced and skills at certain tasks. We are also available to help start your roleplaying experience if you are willing to get into this field. Roles: Fire Department EMS Police Civilian Dispacher ATC
  19. D

    WWII  Casual PubStomp Clan for Shipment 1944 PS4

    Add me on psn iiM_Gerble must have a mic 16+
  20. O

    BO3 WWII  New League for Clans

    COD WW2 Hey, I was thinking, I remember playing MW2 back in the day and a clan match consisted of two teams adding each other and creating a private match and whoever won got the bragging rights to saying they were the better team! I was thinking maybe bringing something like that back, but...
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