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clan recruit

  1. Shazza88

    MW  Regiment Recruitment | Demonic Collective (dC)

    Looking for players with a mic and of all skill and play style whether it be Comp or casual dont care just hoping to party up with a couple lads and have some good times (prefer Adults but if you’re funny then welcome ?) add me in the social menu Shazza#1085673 I’m based on pc but don’t...
  2. S

    All MW3 MW2 Ghosts AW BO BO2 BO3  Supreme clan is recruiting!

    Hey, we are a newly formed clan, called Supreme. The clan now has two members, and we are working to grow bigger and better. The clan will have a main Youtube channel, and members will have their own to post on. My name is "Supreme Alchemi". We have made this clan to have fun, but also to know...
  3. TeamCore

    All  Team Core (WWII Clan Recruiting)

    - :ninja: Xbox One COD: WWII Clan - :biggrin: Currently Recruiting - :eek: Looking for Editor - :thumbsup: Leaders: Censoril and Gyaichester Team Core is a fun new clan you can join on Xbox One for serious gaming, casual gaming or just to make friends, looking for competitive and non...
  4. A

    IW  Im In Search For a Team Xb1!

    Anyone interested to pick invite to their clan no need to overthink, Although I'm young (15years) I'm experience when it comes to competitive I'm great at SnD and Hardpoint but need more practice for Uplink Age: 15 Slayer or Obj Kdr 2.04 Gamertag: ODDxMARLEYxOF Xb1 Xb1 Xb1 Xb1 Xb1 Xb1 Xb1 Xb1...
  5. C

    MW  XBOX ONE King Clan is OPEN Now!

    You have to be 15+. You have to have a working good microphone. You have to have flexible playing hours. You need to be a team player. You need to be experienced. My Gamertag is (KingCharle212) Message me to be questioned and trialed.
  6. S

    Bo2 trickshot lobby

    Hosting bo2 and mw2Trickshotting Lobby I'll leave info below Gamertag- Noveah Console- Xbox 360 Rules No kinect mics No squeakers No emblems with advertisement such as( your yt, twitter, etc) You can friend request me but I may not accept unless your chill and I like your gt Msg me, friend...
  7. O

    All  Union Uprise Clan

    Mwr and Iw clan looking for: Trickshotters Snipers Pubstompers Etc.. In order to join please reply with the following form and we will reply asap Discord?: Age: Country: Iw or Mwr: Role: Platform(preferably ps4):
  8. D

    KoG Xiled Kings

    hello there everyone if you are looking for a group of gamers to play with then KoG is the place to be don't worry if you are not good we will help you get better and for those competitive players out there we have stuff for you guys too. KoG is more then just a clan we are a family #KoGFamily...
  9. X

    Need Recurits , GFX , Editer and Co-Owners For a Sweaty Clan

    XBOX 360 ONLY! --------------------------- GT Has To Start With a Z or X --------------------------- BO1 MW2 COD4 BO2 - Mabye --------------------------- KD MUST ME 1.55 or ABOVE --------------------------- MSG xIcedz on XBX
  10. S

    The Crimson Wolves now recruiting for clan and comp team!

    Crimson Wolves clan side: If you are looking for a clan that plays obj game modes and just has fun this's is the clan for you! If you are interested in joking the clan just post our gamer tag in the comment and I will msg you! Crimson Wolves competive team If you are interest in joining a...
  11. X

    Starting A New Call Of Duty Clan

    Siege Sanction Xbox/Playstation (OLD/NEXT GEN). Starting a new clan called Siege Sanction if you wanna join add my skype risky-xbl or add me on xbox 360 Astro Vipez Needed positions Editors Snipers Trickshotters Experienced co leaders Designers Content creators
  12. Hadsox

    Recruiting for a 1k Youtube team

    Kontrolled Nation is recruiting. We are a 1k team looking for active members, think you got what it takes. Reply/Message me or Message me on xbox Gamertag: Hadsox Also check out our latest video on Youtube. Our channel is Kontrolled Nation
  13. Tool3rdH3y3

    Jug clan recruitment

    I am looking for 3 people to fill a much needed spot in the blue division within the clan JUGG. You will be expected to help me with some roles, and have an opportunity to quickly rise within this small division of a very big clan. Message me for more information. Frty6ntool3h3y3 on xbox.
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