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  1. D

    Hosting boosting lobbies on ps4. 5 ps4s

    Hosting lobbies for modern warfare and cold war. Boosting for camos, rank, and prestige
  2. D

    Hosting 5 ps4 boosting lobbies

    We are hosting boosting lobbies on ps4. I'm looking for one person to help me boost.
  3. P

    Question  Trying to Cheat gold into ffx remastered using Bruteforce Save Data

    I've been trying a bajillion different ways to cheat gold into FFx remastered. The xbox was so simpler to get a save editor going holy crap. So I've got Bruteforce Save Data 4.4.2 installed, the latest release lights up like a xmas tree with virus hits. Also have ps3 save resigner installed...
  4. Maridia

    Halo Reach: possible USB cheats? Swapping/adding biped type to firefight?

    I crave some Elite Zealots in my firefight games, but all you can have is spec ops, majors, minors, generals, rangers...but no zealots, which is a shame, because they have some cool armor. I don't have an RHG or whatever, xbox, but I have a usb. I use modio cheats, but I was wondering if there...
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