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  1. B

    Black Ops Cold War Boosting RIGHT NOW!

    Reply with Activision ID to get added what you get: - camos - XP - weapon XP - challenges
  2. I

    Tutorial  Boosting Hard core Search & destroy

    Hosting a boosting lobby need two more players? 500kills each, 10 min rounds. no messing around lobby’s all night! activision - 465#7355633 Xbox name - iiDraGz V4
  3. R

    Hosting PS4 Damascus Camo, Max Rank, All Challenges lobby -24 hours

    Send a message and friend request to rSleeqy on PS4 for an invite. Be patient and youll get an invite. 24 hours starting now
  4. R

    Hosting Max Rank, Challenges, and Damascus Lobby for the next 24 hours

    Send a message and friend request to rsleeqy on ps4 for an invite. be patient please, youll get an invite
  5. Fuccboi

    Multi-console Boosting challenges/camo

    Drop your activision ID/PSN down below if you have 2 consoles and 4 controllers. So much faster than taking turns. Prefer PS but if you have XBOX no problem. Will be hosting lobbies later today. PSN: Madeinmombydad
  6. DannyWilliams94

    Headshots an challenges

    Hey hmu if you wanna do some Headshots an challenges my GT is DannyWilliams94. Need to have a mic :smile: Call of Duty Remastered
  7. O

    Bo4 boosting || hc Dom || 50 kill rotation

    Need 6 more, message OPS Crxze or OPS Drifter for an invite.
  8. Fortnite Challenges For Week 3 of Season 7

    Fortnite Challenges For Week 3 of Season 7

    It's that time of the week again, Fortnite fans. The latest batch of challenges is now live, which means there are more Battle Stars to be earned. If you've been on the grind for a while, you'll know how this goes, but if you're new to this, we'll get you caught up quickly. Challenges are split...
  9. R

    BO4 boosting lobby / HC DOM / ROUNDS (WESTCOAST HOST)

    {PS4} you guys feel free to add rcash_is_da_best Or drop your names below Also we’re going need another host so if your westcoast like I am say so in your comment down below or in a msg on PlayStation ~happy boosting~
  10. Fortnite Week 5 Challenges Delayed, Now Coming Thursday

    Fortnite Week 5 Challenges Delayed, Now Coming Thursday

    Fortnite players will have to wait a little longer than usual for the next set of weekly challenges to complete. Rather than rolling out the new challenges on Tuesday, as it typically has for the past several weeks, developer Epic announced on Twitter that the rest of Season 4's weekly...
  11. Fortnite Week 4 Challenges: Search Between A Bench, Ice Cream Truck, And Helicopter (Season 4)

    Fortnite Week 4 Challenges: Search Between A Bench, Ice Cream Truck, And Helicopter (Season 4)

    Season 4 of Fortnite: Battle Royale rolls on with a new set of challenges for Battle Pass owners to complete. Week 4's challenges are now live on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and iOS, and this time around, they're made up primarily of straightforward tasks, although a few may still pose a bit of trouble...
  12. Fortnite’s new Battle Pass has upgradable skins and a possible mystery skin

    Fortnite’s new Battle Pass has upgradable skins and a possible mystery skin

    Fortnite Battle Royale’s season four Battle Pass has only been out for a few hours, and players are already noticing a few hints about a new skin. The Battle Pass itself comes with seven new skins, including two that feature a variety of upgrades. But it also appears that completing some of the...
  13. WarHeadinc

    Tutorial  Fortnite Battle Royale - Season 4 Challenges List

    This post is only going to be about Fortnite: Battle Royale Challenges For Season 4 If you have a location guide to where some challenges are. Post them below and ill add it on the op. I will update the op when I can. Free Pass Challenges Outlive Opponents in solo mode Assault Rifle...
  14. L

    MWR Boosts. Headshots, XP. PSN

    Message TheRealRainman01 Add. Will cage match boost for headshots. Have mic. Two controllers if anyone wants to 6 man or team tax.
  15. C


  16. Fadexz

    HC-CTF | PLAY NUK3TOWN ONLY | lvl 55 in aprox. 3-4 hours | Dark Matter, Hero Gear, Challenges, ect.

    Status: Closed (If this post is more than a few hours old I forgot to change the status) Need 1 more! (now) HC-CTF - Hardcore - Capture the Flag Choose NUK3TOWN map only (More kills/XP) Level 1 to 55 in about 3-4 hours (Without Double XP) Hero Gear, Challenges, XP, whatever you need. 4 Man...
  17. Fadexz

    HC-CTF | Search 4 NUK3TOWN ONLY | lvl 55 in 2-3 hours | 2x XP | Dark Matter, Hero Gear, Challenges..

    Status: Closed Message for invite for another time when I'm on. Hardcore - Capture The Flag I search for NUK3TOWN ONLY 2x XP + Weapon 2x XP Weekend From level 1 to 55 in about 2-3 hours Get Dark Matter, Hero Gear, Challenges, etc. Requirements: • A mic (Use windows 10 xbox app if you don't...
  18. Vacro

    Discussion  Anyone else finish all the Special Ops Challenges?

    Has anyone else finished all 12 of the Special Ops Challenges in Infinite Warfare? I have! :smile: :biggrin: Comment if you have finished it, I'd love to hear if you guys have or not and what ones you need to do still. :smile: :thumbsup:
  19. E

    Cage Match Headshots

    Trying to get a bunch of PS4 gamers together so we can all search at the dame time to increase likelyhood if getting paired together to complete camo or other challenges. message me on PSN. PSN: EaglesTruth
  20. EEazy

    Cage Match BOOSTING

    Post your GT below. I'm looking for someone that has a 2nd account like me that can be a dier in cage match and we can take turns.
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