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cfw ps3

  1. IWillDDoSYourCouch

    Question  WaW freezes after converting from CEX to DEX (PS3)

    after i converted from cex to dex, every time I would load up waw, it would freeze. I know it's not a problem with the game because I converted it back to cex and it worked fine. Does anybody know how to solve this issue? For some further context I am running on rebug 4.84 spoofed to 4.86
  2. Kaptain Kommando

    Question  CFW and mmCM upgrade advice

    Hi Everyone, I'm a casual PC gamer but I recently bought a PS3 with CFW installed. Technical details are: PS3 Model No. CECH2002A System Software 4.82 [SC-35 | PL3] mmCM 04.82.00 Firmware Mode COBRA 7.54 compatible I've just started to learn about custom firmware and apps for PS3. I wonder...
  3. T

    Question  MY new hard drive won't accept the update firmware please help

    ok so my hdd went bad on my ps3 so i bought a new 1 tb hdd 2.5 inch sata drive and am unsure if i need to create a partition or just insert it with no partition on the hdd so i am trying the no partition method and everytime i go to update it says no applicable update data found this was a...
  4. C

    Question  how to jailbreak ps3

    Hey everyone I’m new to ps3 jailbreaking so sorry if this has already been answered I have a fat ps3 model number-CECHG02 on OFW-3.55 that I want to jailbreak and need to know what CFW I should use and how to install it Thank you for the help
  5. G

    Question  How do I fix this Update Data⁉️⁉️⁉️

    The system software cannot be run correctly. Press the PS button to try to restart the system. If the system cannot be restarted, you must reinstall the system software. Cannot storage media that contains update data of version 3.40 or later, and then press the START and SELECT buttons at the...
  6. Walmart Shooter

    Question  loading games on multiman blackscreen

    I have a 4.81 rebug cfw ps3, I have black ops 2 which i donwloaded off the internet which works fine, however I had gta5 that i downloaded off the disc on my console and accidentally deleted it when I tried to delete something else and it wouldnt so filezilla just decided to delete it which...
  7. amermstwntd2

    GTA 5 1.06 - 1.27 BLES title update packages for CFW PS3 to date *6/27/2017*

    1.14 - https://www.mediafire.com/?ep2y52y21pzd3jf virus scan- https://www.metadefender.com/#!/results/file/ZzE3MDYyN0gxNmRVZndsTmJTMUFkTEdEeE5i/regular/analysis 1.15 - https://www.mediafire.com/?ts2ued2ilsi1dh6 virus scan-...
  8. D

    Solved  Help with CFW PS3 GTA V?

    I'm gonna start by saying I'm new to modding and everything so I basically have no idea what I'm doing. I'm not even sure if I'm posting this in the right place. Anyway, i have a CFW PS3 with GTA already installed and the serendipity mod menu also installed. GTA is installed with multiman, but...
  9. infoown

    Tutorial  [CEX AND DEX] Change Multiman Music [EASY]

    Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Tired of listening to that weird "arabic" music Multiman comes with by default? Don't know how to change it? You are in the right place my friend. REQUIREMENTS: USB or PC with FileZilla MP3 file of a song you want for your Multiman menu CFW PS3 with the latest...
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