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  1. Vaf


    Free CFG Infection ONLY PS3 STEPS: (1)Add my PSN (QRUNS) (2)Join My Lobby (3)Leave After Infection Is Loaded. (4)Proceed To Split Screen (5)Login/Create A Profile (6)Turn On PlayStation Unlocks Game Setup>Unlocks>ON (7)Start The Game (8)Now You Have The Infection. (9)Remove me after
  2. sonickmnmods

    Solved  PS3 Cod 4 CFG Menu (Need Help)

    So far, I have the base of the menu made, many functions, but I'm having trouble fixing a few bugs, and ive done all i can think of. So far the main bugs are: Not being able to fire. (Once the menu has been loaded/opened) Binds not resetting. (when closing the menu.You can still use the DPAD to...
  3. Nothingbutbread

    Discussion  USB CFG Online/Offline Zombie Mods for OFW [Bread V1.6]

    Hey guys/gals. Today I am releasing my personal Black ops 1 USB CFG OFW zombies mods. These mods are designed to be easy to use and designed to work with all Zombies maps. These mods will work offline for everyone and online for those who are running the Black ops 1 modded patch (PS3 users can...
  4. zX KTEB Xz

    MW2 CFG Lobbies For PS3

    I Host CFG and other mods like Aimbot, UAV Hack and lots of others my PSN zX-KTEB-Xz, Just message me with Se7ensins.com CFG
  5. VortexModderHD

    Free CFG Infection and modded lobbies

    Yo free CFG infection and modded lobbies hosted by VortexModder-HD, just add my psn and message ask for an invite :) PSN: VortexModder-HD
  6. M

    Anyone Hosting Cfg?

    IF you are hosting CFG Plz HMU my pen is itsxmafia
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