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  1. C

    Discovery  Executive Deathmatch Exploit

    Need help on this, me and a friend were messing around with executive deathmatch when we realized players in the executive deathmatch cannot interact with players not a part of it and vice versa (like passive mode). However, we had a 3rd friend hop into a Hunter with me and they were able to gun...
  2. xtiffi

    Working  *Solo + Easy* Save CEO/MC Outfits w/Kosatka

    Credit: https://www.tiktok.com/@stepsisfoal Video: *Must own a Kosatka Submarine* What you can get from this glitch: Tan Joggers, CEO Body Armor, Gray Half Forward Cap, Red Headphones, and a variety of other items that you cannot normally purchase or wear together without glitching. Inside...
  3. Smarter Gaming

    Video  $602,180 Profit in 1hr 40 min, with the Terrorbyte, CEO Cargo! GTA Online, After Hours DLC

    I tried to hit the CEO Cargo "Rare Items" with the Terrorbyte. In about an hour and forty minutes I incurred $106,900 in expenses and made $709,080... netting $602,180 profit... not counting the $19,000 that was in my nightclub safe and the around $70,000 in product my nightclub produced that I...
  4. Smarter Gaming

    Patched  Terrorbyte Rare Item Exploit, Buy 3 Crates, CEO Cargo, $602,180 Profit in 1hr 40 min w/luck.

    The After Hours DLC has brought us a new exploit for an old way of making money. You will need: A Terrorbyte CEO Crate Warehouse/CEO Office Your CEO assistant calling with an opportunity for a "rare item" You must have collected at least 20 crates and then your assistant will start calling you...
  5. EyeDuDab

    Working  NOT PATCHABLE: Freemode **100% Solo OR w/ Friends/CEO** AFK (RP Farming)

    ******FREEMODE (NO JOBS)******* ***100% SOLO or w/ Friends*** ***200RP ROUGHLY EVERY 1m15s*** ***NO OTR REQUIRED*** Lemme know if yall have seen this posted or if im a duplicate :wink: I've seen similar threads, but only coupled with off the radar glitches and the use of a helicopter on top of...
  6. B

    Solved  GTA 5 PS3 Help Needed

    I am so confused, I can't buy an office from Dynasty 8 Executive mostly because I can't find Dynasty 8 Executive. I am at level 222, is that the issue? Do I have to complete all of the heists? Do I have to have $1 Million dollars for it to show up (to buy the cheapest office)? A Modder forced...
  7. D


    PLEASE HELP ME IF POSSIBLE MY BLUE VEHICLE MANAGEMENT CIRCLE IN THE CEO OFFICE HAS DISAPPERARED COZ OF DUPING AND BOW HOW DO I GET IT BACK?? Thanks replies would be appreciated! Edit: I didn’t dupe any cars I’m ceo office I just transferred all of my retro customs from my facility to my ceo...
  8. A

    Patched  Get frozen outside your CEO Office

    Hey, found this one ages ago. So here are the steps: 1. Have a Office, and a Office Garage (tested working in both Maze Banks) 2. Go inside your Office 3. Go to the elevator 4. Press any of the Office Garages or the mod shop 5. Open your pause menu when you pressed on one of the Office Garages...
  9. PrinnyL0rd

    Patched  Office Garage Unusable Slots - Fix (PS4)

    Alright, well the Elegy glitch was working fine for the past 3 days, but today, literally just now my garage started to bug out. Every duped elegy would just keep replacing the last car I put in the garage, so I started to **** around a little with my garage after checking these forums for a...
  10. Classique

    Patched  Benny Wheels on Any Car (Any platform?)

    Hello. One of my pals on another forum found a way on how to put Benny wheels on a non-bennyfied Tornado, but he is unsure of how he did it. So that's why I'm asking for help with this. He is not on Se7enSins, but his account name on the other forum is Prince_Polaris, so credit goes to him for...
  11. HoestOnline

    Video  CEO Business Guide

  12. Adudz88

    Patched  Glitchy CEO Garages

    My CEO garages started acting up tonight so if anyone has any thoughts or comments or actually knows what's going on here then please share. It seemed like it began when I drove my Roosevelt from Garage1 to Garage3 & then I drove it back out but when I did it spawned me all the way in West...
  13. Heathen Inferos

    Solved  Special Vehicle Work not Working

    Whenever I try and start Special Vehicle Work, it does not work. I will load in with whoever I'm working with, but nothing comes up. I can't use the Interaction Menu, can't bring up the phone, can't pause, can't see the Radar or anything. I've tried doing the Work on several different occasions...
  14. J

    Solved  CEO Help

    Just have a few questions to ask about CEO crates. -How many of the special crates can you have at 1 time? (I have 2 now but can't seem to get the call) -What amount of earnings must you have to fill CEO office with money? -The trophy on the CEO desk, can anyone explain it and how to change...
  15. N

    Solved  Sourcing Vehicles

    Can anyone tell me an easier way to source vehicles solo in a solo public session. Every time I do it solo I get a whole gang of cars shoot up the export vehicle causing a bunch of money in repairs every time. Any advice or tips on how to get it to the warehouse with minimal or low damage.
  16. xSoul of Cinder

    Discussion  CEO crates vs Exporting vehicles

    So the Import/Export DLC has been released and i was wondering what you guys think earns you money faster, the crates or the vehicles ? Maybe someone even tested it already. Appreciate your shared experiences!
  17. llcubell

    Discussion  PSA: Moving Cars Into CEO Garage Quickly

    I know this might seem like a pointless post, however I spent an hour the other night moving a bunch of my cars into my shiny new CEO garage. With that said... Your assistant can call your cars for you (and it's free), as in you wont need to drive to go get them or wait five minutes for the...
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