1. ItchThatMitch

    Patched  Cayo Perico SOLO Gold

    Patience is necessary, but the guidance to follow is very simple. Follow these steps for the best results, like any recipe :wink: 1- Start a Cayo Perico finale with Kosatka as the approach and the Drainage tunnel as the means of entry. 2-Using this Entry point you will start at the base of...
  2. Skipst3r00

    Unsolved  Cayo Payouts up to 3.7 Million Giving to 1 Player - Replay Glitch

    Hello, I have been doing the replay glitch for numerous players to give cash. 85% of my heist gives a player 2.4 million with the elite challenge. My Cayo has the best contents to maximize payout for 2p; full Gold, Panther and Hard. I've had circumstances where players receive more money; 3.2...
  3. X

    [PC Only] GTA V Cash drop lobbies - 2.5k money bags - ONLINE - by XPR_Beta

    Lobby status: ONLINE How to Join: 1. Add a reply to this thread with your social club name followed by "I accept the rules" 2. Wait for me to host a lobby. I will send you a friend request on SC. (I don't put my SC on here to minimize griefers. you'll know its me) 3. Join the lobby when you...
  4. JxDRed Lobbies

    ? | Status: Offline! | FAST ACCEPT | JxD Grand Theft Auto 5 Cash + RP | Safe Lobbies | Old Post Removed ?

    Lobby status: ONLINE! CAN ALSO GET ANY CAR FOR FREE JUST TYPE !gift (vehicle name) <--- can google the proper names A car will spawn and just take it to a full garage you own and replace a car. After that go to LSC and place a tracker and insurance ! If you would like me to modify it too...
  5. W


    Comment your social club. Session Type : Friends Only Rules : Do not spend money in my session Do not bank money in my session. Do not write suspicious or modding related stuff in the ingame chat or you will be blacklisted instantly Passive mode is required Respect other players and do not steal...
  6. TheMoneyLobby

    Tools  RDR2 Trainer Modification PC - V1.1 - MONEY SP - NO BOUNTY - PATCH 1207.60 - LATEST

    V1.1 No Bounty ( SP ONLY DO NOT USE ONLINE OR BANNED ) Set Money ( SP ONLY DO NOT USE ONLINE OR BANNED ) V1.0 Init Release I would recommend using this in SINGLE PLAYER even tho it uses memory hacks myself has not looked at their anti cheat fully ! In the following weeks myself will be...
  7. peterisamaze

    GTA 5 Free Money Drop (2.5K Bags) | Fast,Safe and Undetected |

    Status : Closed :( Hi guys, I am starting a Free Drop service, How To Join: Add RaptorGamezzz on socialclub and I will invite you Before you join the lobby please follow the rules below 1. Wait to get invited in the lobby, in case you don't get an invite PM me here so I help you out, 2. DO...
  8. JustKillz_

    GTA V Modded Lobby [2.5Kbags]

    Status: Online Drops: Undetected --------------------------------------------------- Information: IRL name: Nick SC: JustKillz_ ------------------------------------------------------- Rules: #1 Enter Passive Mode. #2 Don't Bring The Cops #3 Do Not Steal Money #4 DO NOT BANK THE MONEY AT ALL. #5...
  9. XuR Modding

    [PC] GTA Money drop lobbies | FAST & Fun

    How to join? Post social club below for an invite. RULES Just don't be an idiot, thanks :) Donations accept at:
  10. BobCrawls

    Fast money drop!

  11. F

    free ezyclick dropper 2.5k bags gta v lobbies

    Please Read Rules Before Joining! How can i Join? Comment Your Social Club! and add me sc: sandafj and join game after lobby i will unfriend you all Are Money Drops safe? There's always a risk but Its a low risk I added you but you haven't added me back? Just wait till I accept! RULES...
  12. S

    Solved  Can anyone help me make some cash?

    I love GTA but never have the time to grind out missions and it seems every money glitch involves having things I don’t own. I have less than 100K atm. I’m not asking for handouts, I just want to enjoy the game again.
  13. JaceyB

    GTA Money Dropping Lobby | FREE | 2.5K | 1.42 | 3-4 Million Per Lobby |

    Status Offline LOBBY RULES Do not kill other players You are required to stay in passive mode throughout the whole time of the lobby Do not invite other people NEVER BANK THE CASH THAT IS DROOPED DO NOT Spend any money in the lobby Be respective to other members DO NOT bring the cops to...
  14. X


    Current Status: OPEN Check my time zone in my profile page Gt: LeNN0xM0dZ Rules: No stealing WAIT YOUR TURN Must Post Gamertag or YOU WILL BE ON A BAN LIST THAT WILL LAST 2 WEEKS Send Friend Request If full then send message me for an invite Please post legit when you get in Hours are...
  15. diversing

    ATOMIC|GTA Online|Free Money Drop Lobby|Version 1.41|Safe & Undetected 99.9%

    Hello! Welcome to ATOMIC Money Drop Lobbies. Current Status of Lobby: CLOSED We use a paid mod menu. You can join the lobby when it is open, however if it is closed that means it is not available. How do I join? Once the lobby is open you can join by posting your Social Club name below and I...
  16. Tastac

    Tastac's Money Drop Lobby || Safe || Undetected || Quick Cash ||

    WELCOME! | Tastac's Drop Lobby | |Status: Closed| \ / | Come Join! | Feel free to join my lobby anytime its open and get some free cash! \...
  17. S

    Skgoth Money Drop Lobby PC only!!

    Hello and Welcome to Skgoth's Money Drop Lobby Donations are Appreciated as is helps keep alive the lobbies for more longer PayPal - Rules: Do Not Kill other people in the lobby Do Not ask me for an invite i will invite your SC Do Not bring cops to the lobby Be patient and...
  18. 716

    716 | .41 | Money Drop | Undetected | Donations Accepted

    Welcome! I'm new to the Se7enSin's community, but not new to the modding community & would like to give back to all those to do not pursue to risk a ban. Not to mention the fact that R* literally makes you pay millions in game for simple ****. I'm here to change that. Please read the guidelines...
  19. GreenVG

    Solved  Need help on Modifying the Elegy Retro to worth 957000

    So mine currently worth 932672.and I seen the maximum price goes up to 957,297. Does anyone have a car worth the exact amount? Can you share the exact modifications you put on it? Thanks in advance
  20. katooosha

    Patched  How to bypass hotfixes *EASY*

    NOTE: I am unsure if this works on xbox, or how to do it on xbox As the title says, I recently found a new way to bypass hotfixes, and with it I am still doing the easy dupe glitch (the one posted by Banzah last week which involves spamming triangle after getting out of your elegy), even after...
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