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  1. Adamj

    [PC] Grand Theft Auto V Money Drop (Currently Online)

    Lobby Status: Online be sure add me been dropping/modding for almost a year with no reports of bans. likes much appreciated Money Drop rules: 1. Don't steal from other players 2. Passive Mode - ON/OFF, optional.(accidental "punch") 3. no killing. 4. no cops. 5. Please don't talk or ask...
  2. GTA V insane sniper kill

    GTA V insane sniper kill

    I was climbing up to the top of the crane to do a base jump, saw the blimp and wondered if the sniper had long enough range to kill the blimp driver. see for yourself what happened!
  3. Whitedeath69


    SOCIAL CLUB: Shreddir I am using a secure mod menu that's premium and undetected! Follow the rules and nothing bad will happen! 1. Do not chat in-game about the Money Drop or Money in any way! 2. Do not bank or spend any money in my session! 3. After you receive your desired amount of Money...
  4. JxDRed Lobbies

    ? | Status: Offline! | FAST ACCEPT | JxD Grand Theft Auto 5 Cash + RP | Safe Lobbies | Old Post Removed ?

    Lobby status: ONLINE! CAN ALSO GET ANY CAR FOR FREE JUST TYPE !gift (vehicle name) <--- can google the proper names A car will spawn and just take it to a full garage you own and replace a car. After that go to LSC and place a tracker and insurance ! If you would like me to modify it too...
  5. Traplouder

    [[[[ONLINE NOW]]] GTA V online [FREE DAILY DROPS SESSIONS] | 2.5k bag drops | 0% Ban Rate

    GTA V MONEY DROP | ONLY PC Status - (OFFLINE) HOW TO JOIN THE MONEY DROP SESSION: 1. Add me on social club OFFLINE 2. Wait me to accept 3. Join me 4. Go to airport RULES: -Passive mode -No cops following you -Dont run trying to get all money bags as they drop on you -Dont deposite the money...
  6. bruma

    PC | Bruma's PC Modded Lobby | Money Drops, Car Spawns, Car Customization & More!

    Status: Open Next Drop: TBD Features: 1. Money Drops 2. Vehicle Spawns & Customizations How to Join: 1. Read and understand the rules for the lobbies. 2. Add Forever_Winter on Social Club. 3. Once your friend request is accepted, wait for your invitation. 4. Upon completion of your visit in...
  7. XuR Modding

    [PC] GTA Money drop lobbies | FAST & Fun

    How to join? Post social club below for an invite. RULES Just don't be an idiot, thanks :) Donations accept at:
  8. BreezyieModz

    BreezyieModz | 2.5 Safe Drops | Undetected | OPEN

    BreezyieModz Social Club: BreezyieModz Status: ONLINE RULES 1. Add me on social club = BreezyieModz 2. After i accept your friend request, join my game, it will be on CLOSED FRIENDS 3. Go in passive mode, NO KILLING nor stealing money. everyone will get enough. 4. DO NOT spend OR bank...
  9. R

    [UNDETECTED] 2.5k Money Drop (Donations Accepted)

    STATUS: CLOSED RULES: Stay in Passive mode Do NOT kill other players Do not bring cops No flying, driving, or stunting Do not SPEND or DEPOSIT money into your bank in this lobby. Do not report me or others in this lobby. To Join: Accept Rules Leave Social Club name Go to LSIA Wait for invite...
  10. Honey Bunny

    GTA 5 Cash Drop and RP Lobby (FREE!)

    Hi guys! I will be hosting a FREE cash drop and RP Lobby for you all :smile: To join, Message me on my gamertag saying S7 honey lobby and i will invite you! If you need rank, please tell me what rank you want and i will rank you up. Gamertag: Hacker Girl 003 Please post LEGIT or thank this...
  11. SkyNet_Anon

    ₪ FREE GTA V Online Cash Drop ₪ 40k Bags! ₪ Completely FREE... - OPEN-

    Welcome to Anon's FREE Cash Drop Lobby! <40k Bags < Completely FREE < UPDATED: Monday, September 30th 2019 Anyone may join! My Gamertag: A Banged Head Please follow the instructions and read the rules below. I look forward to helping you out. Instructions for joining (PLEASE FOLLOW!)...
  12. JModsYT

    GTA V Free Cash Drop//80k Bags//RP//Vehicle Modifications!

    Welcome To Jxckyy's Modded Lobbies! How To Join: 1) Gamertag: xd Jxckyy 2) Send me Friend Request or Private Chat me (If my friends list is full) 3) Wait for an Invite to the lobby as its private Rules: 1) Don't beg for cash , and please be patient until its your turn 2) Don't steal other...
  13. M


    Mikess Money Lobby Unlocked = Open Lobby Locked = Closed Lobby Rules If it this is unlocked, it means I'm here and I will add you Taking a MAX of 25 people for a 50 min lobby Do NOT invite your friends Do NOT report anyone in the lobbies Do NOT talk about mod menu in lobbies Do NOT mod in the...
  14. level_of_insane_


    Reply with your social club name and i will add you and invite you to gta 5 free money lobby. RULES 1. don’t report me or anyone in the lobby. 2. don’t use any mods or hacks. 3. don’t advertise anything. 4. don’t steal other peoples bags. 5. don’t annoy or troll anyone. 6. don’t bank / spend...
  15. BobCrawls

    Fast money drop!

  16. F

    free ezyclick dropper 2.5k bags gta v lobbies

    Please Read Rules Before Joining! How can i Join? Comment Your Social Club! and add me sc: sandafj and join game after lobby i will unfriend you all Are Money Drops safe? There's always a risk but Its a low risk I added you but you haven't added me back? Just wait till I accept! RULES...
  17. O

    OutlawModz_'s Money Drop - 2.5k Drop Bags - 1.43 SAFE (PC)

    Hello! --------------------- Welcome to My drop lobby! My lobbies are: safe, ban free, no risk, & friendly. --------------------- THIS IS PC ONLY --------------------- Lobby Status: Depending on the threads status. Locked thread= not hosting. Unlocked thread means i am online and hosting...
  18. Xis

    Xis's FreeDropLobby $2.5kBags (undetected)

    HOST: Xis STATUS: OFFLINE ADD: WARNING !!!DO NOT BUY OR BANK IN THIS SESSION!!! HOW TO GET IN ? To receive an invitation to the game it's simple post your social and I'll send you an invite. There's no limit to the drops it's as long as you would like to stay in (depending on how busy)...
  19. B

    Solved  Money Drop Pickups Capped at $60,000?

    It seems like Rockstar has implemented a limit, in which players can only receive $60,000 from cash drops, negating the money drop lobbies. That has happened with two separate mods. Happens for host and clients. Nobody else seems to be talking about this. I'm confused. Is no one else having...
  20. F


    FREE GTA V MONEY DROP FOR XBOX 360 I'm doing free drop money for everyone that join my game soo feel free to join my session! WARNING PLEASE RESPECT THE RULES : Do not kill other player while the money drop and when you get enough money please quit the session to let the chance to someone else...
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