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    Unsolved PS3 built into a PC case (Modding Question)

    I am building my old PS3 slim into a PC case that I have bought just for it (DIYPC J180-W). I have almost done all the modding I need for this project such as installing the PS3 motherboard into the case and mounting 2 Deepcool CPU coolers on the CPU and GPU of the PS3. Also installed a GIGABYTE...
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    Unsolved Case modding

    Good afternoon, I have been interested in getting back into case modding and was wondering if this site has a dedicated case mod section or does anyone know any good websites that lean more towards case mods?
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    What'll happen if I take the disc drive out of my Xbox One S?

    I don't remember the last time I used the disc drive in my Xbox One. Has anyone tried removing it? I remember seeing the below gorgeous OG Xbox case mod and got to wondering if something like that would be possible with the Xbox One. If there is a ban / console disable when removing the disc...
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