1. ______

    Solved  How to get access to cars in hanger or Bike slots

    Hey I never bothered learning how to do this and I have a few cars I can sell stored in bmx slots and in hanger
  2. Sylar Wolff


    *Method to clean empty/unusable spots in garages/facilities caused by getting special vehicles, such as Anti-riot, Chernobog, Khanjali.* Use the exploit to get personal vehicle in garage spot Credit to TutoFacileFrance for the drive in facility workaround. Credit to seven07doper and @115stig...
  3. V


    GLITCH WORKS. CHECKED NOW. SPECIALLY LAUNCHED THE GAME AGAIN. IT STILL WORKS! Founders KillerGaming and Celestial Gaming. This workaround was created by Tiozão Noob, Zumex Gameplay and William SpGameplay Also this bypass was tried by me (VEDERANTON) again today. I ran the game again to make...
  4. aaronBLUEeyes

    Solved  What Vehicles Don't Show Crew Emblems?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to compile a list of vehicles that can be owned as PV which don't display crew emblems. An example would be an Insurgent. Please post any additional vehicles that are also like this. Thanks much!
  5. MitchNM

    Video  GTA 5 Pacific Standard Heist Finale Glitches (Saving Cars, Bikes Under Map, Saving Finale) [1.41]

    All Glitches Tutorial/Showcase: These are a few glitches that can be helpful to complete the Pacific Standard Heist Finale. The glitches will allow you to finish the heist quickly and efficiently and if you do the process quickly enough, you might be able to get the Elite challenges. The...
  6. H

    Tutorial  Forza Horizon 3 Money Methods

    Forza Horizon 4 Money Methods that I have found useful so far, why am I making this thread? I've been playing this game a lot recently and waned to contribute a post to it. Hope this helps! Please reply with any questions etc, or if you have more methods drop them below! Legitimately play...
  7. tails_prower_2040

    Working  Storing Chasing Vehicles from Contact Missions

    Morning Se7sensins! With apologies for the delay in posting this I was a little tired after my shift at work yesterday and I still had to make/upload the video to go with this tutorial but I can now share with you all the method for storing some mission cars that are not normally obtainable...
  8. More Fast & Furious coming to Rocket League

    More Fast & Furious coming to Rocket League

    Open the valve on that Nos Rocket League players who live their lives a quarter mile at a time have some cosmetic downloadable content coming just for them. Next week, Psyonix and Universal Pictures will release two new Battle-Cars based on The Fast and the Furious franchise, including Dominic...
  9. Y

    Solved  Missing cars?

    So i have some missing cars, i can use them in custom races but they're not in my garages and i cant call them. Just like some planes i have purchased? Is this a common problem or what can i do about this? im on ps4 btw Thanks! :)
  10. katooosha

    Patched  How to bypass hotfixes *EASY*

    NOTE: I am unsure if this works on xbox, or how to do it on xbox As the title says, I recently found a new way to bypass hotfixes, and with it I am still doing the easy dupe glitch (the one posted by Banzah last week which involves spamming triangle after getting out of your elegy), even after...
  11. hyskyboy888


    CLOSING FOR 2 HOURS Welcome To HyskyBoy888's FREE Money lobbies 1.40 [PC] Rules ○NO Killing ○No Other Modders In My Lobby ○DO NOT Report Me ○Do not Message me! How To Join Leave Your SOCIAL CLUB NAME Down Bellow Wait For A Friend Request From Me How To Get Money Wait At LSIA {Air Port}...
  12. PrinnyL0rd

    Patched  Office Garage Unusable Slots - Fix (PS4)

    Alright, well the Elegy glitch was working fine for the past 3 days, but today, literally just now my garage started to bug out. Every duped elegy would just keep replacing the last car I put in the garage, so I started to **** around a little with my garage after checking these forums for a...
  13. GameWizard93


    I made one short video in GTA V with Audi RS7. I hope you guys will enjoy it. Any kind of support is welcome :))
  14. GameWizard93

    PS4 PC  GTA V Audi RS7 MOVIE

    I made one short movie with Audi RS7 mod in Grand Theft Auto V. I hope you guy will enjoy it. Any kind of support is welcome ;))
  15. RoGamer

    Game Mods  GTA V 1.27/1.28 - Drift Cars, Speed Cars, Brake Cars (handling.dat)

    Can someone test this file for me? Just place it on your "common.rpf" and replace your handling.dat with mine. DL: Virus Scam...
  16. Kaydee_024

    Patched  Duke O' Death Selling Glitch 1.39

    First i want to thank LispyLeaf, because he discovered this Glitch. Link to his Video: Share This Post With All Your Friend So They Can Enjoy This Glitch As Well. Needed: - Transferred account from PS3 to PS4 or from XB360 to XB1. -garage The reason why you need a Transferred account is...
  17. S


    fastest bike? fastest bike top speed? fastest car? fastest car top speed? best overall car etc??
  18. aaronBLUEeyes

    Solved  Is there a method to create new 3D paint on Xb1?

    I'd really like to create some 3D painted supers and sports cars, and during the GC2F situation some players were able to obtain 3D Neros, Spectres, etc... So there's got to be a way to make them, what's the process?
  19. aaronBLUEeyes

    Solved  3D Paint Question

    I have a handful of 3D painted vehicles and I've changed 3D paint on them by changing the secondary color to crew, which affects the primary color thus turning the entire car to a new crew color. But, after someone does this can that person afterwards go back and change the secondary color...
  20. SetRai

    Patched  [PC] 1.37 Benny Rims/Change Extra/Pass RGB Color/Fully Tune & Insure ANY STORABLE VEHICLE

    PATCHED I'm almost certain this is gonna be patched soon, so do it quick! (yep, again) The topic of this thread, same as the previous one (and the ones before that :wink:,) relies on the on-going dupe glitch (with huge credits to TutoFacileFrance again [and again], ofc,) which Rockstar will...
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