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    Discussion  Cayo Perico Heist New Vehicle Drip Feed!

    Well after waiting patiently for a week and a half or so my mod menu is back up and I can showcase the newest vehicles that will be released in the game over the next several weeks... Enjoy and Happy Holidays.
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    Patched  Massive duplication easy CEO fast PS4 XBOX

    founder .. glitchmanonline lambrider Massive duplication easy CEO fast PS4 XBOX you wrong for real this glitch 1 bunkers for you and friends boot 2 moc and function garage plus workshop 3 have beers and the message to list the apartment ... 1 your friend invites you to her moc 2 he puts his...
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    Solved  Simple Question About Mesa Variations

    Hi, I have noticed there are at least 4 different variations of the canis mesa and I would just like to ask if there are more variations I haven't noticed and what one would be considered the 'most modded'. Personally I think it would be the mesa WITH roll cage and bennys/f1s, Or mesa with no...
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    Patched  Single Player to Multiplayer and Frozen Money.

    STAFF WARNING: Anyone caught spamming, fake reporting, or arguing within this thread will instantly be reply banned and may receive an infraction. This is your only warning. start in story mode. get the police on you and press pause when franklins hands go up. hover over choose character...
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    Solved  Give cars 2 people way. TM-02 stuck

    So I stored the TM-02 in my moc but I can’t move it to garage? When I pull a car out of a garage and take it to the back of the moc it won’t transfer. It says like the vehicle cannot be transferred
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    This a new workaround for the merge bennys/modded cars glitch. Founders: Broontango, Sccoba, Jon. - If have anymore, please, leave a comment that I'll correct this. New Workaround: Tiozão Noob (me), and my big friend Will. Requirements: • Arena (with a Benny's car non transformed inside) •...
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    The CEO method might be canceling out the glitch , were still testing , the GC2F still works....try parking the MOC with no animation....have your friend sit on the back of the faggio, join friend in job once to get quick alert, then real fast right dpad and join friend,or use shark cards...
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    Patched  RISK FREE NEW METHOD* Buy EVERYTHING for FREE in GTA & make 5 MILLION extra!

    Here is the after patch for the buy everything for free glitch which has been patched today.. Founders of the original glitch: WFG & supr420 Founders After-Patch: Apokalypt & seykoTiVi1 & 7sins Forum Preparation steps: Add your friends PSN account on your console, play the prologue and go...
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    Releasing this due to recent glitches affecting it. Was randomly patched after the dlc update but a recent dupe glitch by Apokalypt made this glitch work again. Was originally solo but not anymore. Honestly this glitch is complicated and not easy I was holding it back to store sp vehicles...
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    PS4  Car / Cruises

    Looking to either start or join a car focused crew. I want car meet ups, cruises, street races etc. anyone either know of a crew or interested in starting one with me? PS4
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    Patched  PV Car show (Have several personal vehicle out in same session)

    I am posting this here because of the fail rate, but if you can get it to work, It is a pretty cool site to see. This will allow you to have several car out of your garage at one time in free mode. THIS DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO DRIVE THEM! What you will need: Ability to register as MC 1friend...
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    Solved  I can change get plates on only some cars

    Hello! I have read through the forum about duping cars and sale limits. I recently just got my licence plate customization ability back. I have a bunch of duped elegys with my buddies custom licence plate on it. I'd like to sell them but I can't change their licence plate (I can change the...
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    Solved  Xbox one modded cars

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I do not know where to publish this,¿is there any way to modify cars in xbox one with benny wheels?and if so, someone has mod cars in xbox one?apologize for my bad english, greetings
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    Solved  Save Wizard-How to mod cars?

    Hi everyone! So I bought save wizard about a week ago so I could make my own modded cars and not have to do GCTF, but all the videos I look up just show me how how to swap vehicles saved in garage, not how to mod them. I've tried asking twitter and they either say "It's not a public method", or...
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    Patched  New dupe method (no avenger MOC or killing yourself required)

    Ok so I'm very new to this sorry if I'm unclear. this is SUPER EASY!!!! What you need: Full facility A cargobob (completely optional) A friend A car you want to dupe w/clean plates (Elegy Retro Custom) Before I start I would like to say that if you and your friends havw the same facility this...
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    Solved  How to get access to cars in hanger or Bike slots

    Hey I never bothered learning how to do this and I have a few cars I can sell stored in bmx slots and in hanger
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    *Method to clean empty/unusable spots in garages/facilities caused by getting special vehicles, such as Anti-riot, Chernobog, Khanjali.* Use the exploit to get personal vehicle in garage spot Credit to TutoFacileFrance for the drive in facility workaround. Credit to seven07doper and @115stig...
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    GLITCH WORKS. CHECKED NOW. SPECIALLY LAUNCHED THE GAME AGAIN. IT STILL WORKS! Founders KillerGaming and Celestial Gaming. This workaround was created by Tiozão Noob, Zumex Gameplay and William SpGameplay Also this bypass was tried by me (VEDERANTON) again today. I ran the game again to make...
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    Solved  What Vehicles Don't Show Crew Emblems?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to compile a list of vehicles that can be owned as PV which don't display crew emblems. An example would be an Insurgent. Please post any additional vehicles that are also like this. Thanks much!
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    Video  GTA 5 Pacific Standard Heist Finale Glitches (Saving Cars, Bikes Under Map, Saving Finale) [1.41]

    All Glitches Tutorial/Showcase: These are a few glitches that can be helpful to complete the Pacific Standard Heist Finale. The glitches will allow you to finish the heist quickly and efficiently and if you do the process quickly enough, you might be able to get the Elite challenges. The...
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