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    Discovery patched as of today

    after patch founder Aztec_games_ Creds to post patch founders sorry I couldn’t find your names Requirements: - MOC with personal vehicle storage (have an Elegy RH8 inside it) - CEO office garage with modshop (must have empty spaces) - Your friend needs to have the shooting range in their...
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    Patched - [PC~|XBOX|PS4]Store any non-blacklisted vehicle on your garage

    mods edit plz WARNINGS BEFORE YOU START -> 1. the ~ on the title for PC -> You can't store any vehicles that have insurance (PVS from friends) You can store stuff like: Pegasus Vehicles (MTL DUNE | PARTY BUSS) Slamvan from missions like Ms.Baker's Lost in Transit Cypress flats RNG (1/3) High...
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    Solved [PS4] How to fix Dead Spot

    Hi, Unlikely doing this glitch ( I won a death spot on arena garage. Now I have a modded rocket voltic but also a useful car spot. I remember that a lot of time ago I tried to restore the same...
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    Solved iFruit & Charles Issues

    I've been using charles for a while now but for some reason, iFruit (I use on my iPhone) keeps crashing when i open the los santos custom section of the app. Sometimes this works and I 'do' one car and come back to do another and it crashes everytime, always at the exact same point. Any help?
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    Patched Possible way to get the teddy bear on the bodhi grille?

    Hey, sorry if this has been posted anywhere already, I don't really follow the discovery thread. I bought a bodhi the other day and was editing it in the arena with my friend in the car (in one of the basement level workshops, not the actual main level), and when I was changing the bumper he...
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    Solved What can i do with a glitched car?

    So basically i was trying to make a glitch right and i somehow glitched out the car in my nightclub to be invisible for like 20 seconds every time i move it around or everytime i enter garage. And now its glitched forever, so i just wanted to know if theres anyway i can dupe my car like this?
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    Founders: KingAlexHD & Evilerbranch902 Video: NOTE: Please do this in free aim --> No Custom Plates Needed CEO Requirements: Nightclub / CEO Garage With Custom Auto Shop / At Least 10 Empty Slots / Free RH8 IN A CEO Garage 1,2,3 BUNKER Requirements: Nightclub / Bunker / M.O.C With Personal...
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    Solved Gta iv question speed car

    I always wondered i been bored and wanted mess around with the speed car, but is it possible to make the car faster ? Or does it have a limit
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    Solved Anyway to store ramp car in garage so can call?

    As above really. Sick of going to warehouse when it blows up
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    Patched Different method of Receiving a car over a Magic Spot

    1: You already recieved your car on magic slot. 2: Have your Mobile Operation Centre outside ready!. 3: Request Faggio and both get on and get the (Get Faggio to Freeze). 4: Join Darts from friends. 5: Now You've should have spawned in your Mobile Operation Centre with the car ((( Swap it Out to...
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    THIS IS A 100% SOLO WORKAROUND *NO DIFFERENT TARGET* 100% SOLO CAR DUPLICATION GLITCH *WORKAROUND* Workaround founder: Obese Giraffe UPDATED 15/03/19 Requirements MOC With personal vehicle storage Nightclub -Car you want duplicate in MOC -Free elegy in nightclub service entrance -Point...
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    Hi, UPDATED VIDEO ------------- the new script by R* force drink the beer... so this is the alternative method. this time we do not point the finger in the middle of the purchased beer, we use the finger after animation end with the black alert error message. when you change to another...
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    Patched Glitched cars from Bennys merge (Backless coquette, no turret insurgent, etc.)

    Hey all, If you didn't know, Benny's merge glitches can also be used to add or remove unobtainable options from certain cars. The process is similar to livery merging with the Hotring Sabre for those familiar with that. "Recipes" for specific cars can be found below. They are sorted by the...
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    Tutorial How To FIX Vehicles Despawning

    Good to know;) Luckily I didn’t have that happen myself. Probably because I saved over a car when I bought my Scramjets on PS4 accounts... I bought them to empty garages on Xbox/PC and still haven’t had this issue. They save just fine.:biggrin: Must be subjective to the conditions the particular...
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    PS4 Car / Cruises

    Looking to either start or join a car focused crew. I want car meet ups, cruises, street races etc. anyone either know of a crew or interested in starting one with me? PS4
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    Patched glitched pv. no icon, not on map. in bunker

    Pull out car from MOC in the bunker, exit the car, pause, jobs.... choose a job that has invalid data (one that cant be played) accept to launch job. Message will pop up saying unable to load job. screen will glitch out slightly and load in weird at the docks. go to call for a car, you are too...
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    Patched Possible glitch

    Possible new glitch (Solo or donate car) 1-Take a car from your complex and get out 2-Get outside the car in your complex and join in a friend with a different look 3-Accept the first alert and refuse the second when the elevator noise stops. 4-Press Y on Xone or (triangle) on ps4 take a...
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    Solved Car keeps kicking me out

    I had a car in my office garage that says this is not your personal vehicle. I can't customize it when I drive it out there is no icon and it kicks me out. There's no icon on the map and when it kicks me another one spawns in . If I go in the one that spawns same thing . I bought over it with a...
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    Patched PV Car show (Have several personal vehicle out in same session)

    I am posting this here because of the fail rate, but if you can get it to work, It is a pretty cool site to see. This will allow you to have several car out of your garage at one time in free mode. THIS DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO DRIVE THEM! What you will need: Ability to register as MC 1friend...
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