1. nicholasbroo

    Discussion  Release | Assembly for Halo Infinite | Research tool | TU8

    Because this thread is dead. I'm going to leave this here for future research. Please look into the blam: GetTagWithFastTags. We made a tool for Halo Infinite on the flights that would work like assembly would and find pointers based on the ID's and the Tag_list's. I'm hoping this will give...
  2. Watch_Dogs 2 | Cyberdriver Cop Chase | EASY QUICKEST WAY TO COMPLETE

    Watch_Dogs 2 | Cyberdriver Cop Chase | EASY QUICKEST WAY TO COMPLETE

    Hey everyone, as many of you may know the fabled Halloween sales are upon us and if any of you decide to pick up this awesome game (which is like 70 percent off right now) you might run into trouble during this chase in the campaign. Here's a quick walkthrough to show you how to escape rather quick
  3. Battlefield Hardline Campaign walkthrough

    Battlefield Hardline Campaign walkthrough

    this is the first video in the series i have about 5 or six videos up on this right now lemme kno if you'd like to request a game for me to play or review
  4. FIFA 20 Rolls Out No-Racism Kits In Solidarity With England

    FIFA 20 Rolls Out No-Racism Kits In Solidarity With England

    Following the abusive taunts of racist fans in Bulgaria, EA Sports’ FIFA developers have had enough. A set of “No Room For Racism” kits from the English Premier League will be available for FIFA 20’s virtual players, free of charge, in a week-long antiracism campaign beginning today. The...
  5. thegamex11

    Solved  Mod menus for single player campaign

    Is there any mod menus for single player campaign? Every mod menu I've found and loaded up only works for zombies. I'm running Jasper RGH btw. I just want to play through the campaign again and screw around but have been having a very hard time. On TU7 too also. Cant even find a trainer that'll...
  6. KasperZERO

    Game Mods  Halo - Play as a Grunt Campaign [Xbox Map Pack]

    New release for Xbox: HALO: COVENANT EDITION Play as a grunt in Halo campaign - fight marines alongside your covenant allies. Features: -play as a grunt on Covenant team -spawn with covenant encounters -fight against marines -fight with allies -can use all weapons and vehicles -uses player...
  7. GrayRat

    Discussion  Can The ‘Fix PUBG’ Campaign Bring It Back To Limelight?

    After the community outcry all over the internet where players demanded fixes for PUBG, the PUBG Corporation is starting an initiative of their own named “Fix PUBG”. The campaign is supposed to focus on destroying bugs and provide the much needed quality-of-life features and take the game to...
  8. Fortnite’s Save the World Mode Updates Detailed

    Fortnite’s Save the World Mode Updates Detailed

    While developer updates on the future of Fortnite Battle Royale are released in a near constant stream, the team behind Fortnite’s other game mode, Save the World, prefers to offer us big news posts a little less often. The newest of these is “Save the World State of Development — June 2018,” in...
  9. Dxpeday

    Discussion  Ending to Ghost

    Back when I finished Ghosts, there was the ending where you're trapped in this, I guess, this caged hole that is seen before the actual campaign ending. Then before that, there's the clip of you being dragged across the sand. Anyone else ever just sit and think back on that and the ending of...
  10. M

    Working  Campaign Difficulty Glitch

    Hey guys. Me and some friends found anew glitch that allows you to finish campaign on realistic difficulty but you are actually playing on recruit. This makes getting trophies really easy. Requirements: A Friend Steps: 1: Load up YOUR campaign and set it to realistic. 2: Join your friends...
  11. Alltime Gaming

    Video  Is this the best multiplayer halo?

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