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call of duty world at war

  1. H

    Question  Can someone please de rank me on world at war (PS3)?

    So I play world at war regularly on PS3. A couple of years back, a modder joined a lobby I was in and upgraded me to max prestige which froze my ability to unlock weapon attachments. Please could anyone who has a mod menu installed be so kind as to invite me to a game and fix my issue? It has...
  2. D

    Question  Trouble opening CoDWaW PS3 FastFiles ...

    Hi, i'm trying to find a FF Viewer-ish program to open my PS3 CoDWaW mod menus and edit them (and later make my own) but i can't find a single tool that can open any of my PS3 patches, i tried 10 FF viewing/extractor tools and counting, none worked (including 3 different versions of FFViewer)...
  3. Luger_69

    Question  Call of duty world at war nazi zombies map

    Hi guys So i just finished cod waw and unlocked nazi zombie with it only come with 1 map i did title update and i found 3 other map that i should download them using xbox live Is there is any other way to install map from other place like black ops 2 dlc?
  4. Mustafa_221312

    Solved  How to Convert into PC

    Hello can anyone convert call of duty waw single player campaign mod menu for PC or which program does this default.ff file convert this is the thread : release-updated-single-player-mod-menu-v2 https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/release-updated-single-player-mod-menu-v2.758469/ download...
  5. WaWModboD

    (OPEN) Call Of Duty World At War Infections SummerbassV2

    Call Of Duty World At War Infections SummerbassV2 Lobby Status CLOSED Menu : SummerbassV2 1st Join my game, then back out and go to split screen, start the game on your own, you will be kicked. Once kicked your clantag should be @P1 Join me again and wait for it to start. Once the game has...
  6. Nasty365

    Call Of Duty World At War Infection Lobby (Open)

    Join my game, back out and go to split screen, start the game, you will be kicked. Once kicked your clantag should be @P1Join me again and wait for it to start. Once the game has started PRESS START TO SPECTATE. Want a few people in before I start. How to join: Join my session through private...
  7. XeKruhz

    XeKruhz Lobbies! | Infections | Fast & Free |

  8. Garrett_holliman

    Solved  Need help on WaW!

    Hi guys, so when I go on multiplayer and search for a match it just sits there and says searching for players and sometimes with a checkerboard, I don't even force host. How can I fix this? Also on zombies when I force host I can't find a lobby. Please help!
  9. J

    project x v2 zombies mod menu der riese

    gonna host project x v2 if people start messing with models and crashing the game then i will stop Private chat JH I99I for invite and enjoy i also wont infect either
  10. Super ModZz

    Cod waw modded iso zombie lobby XBOX ONLY hosting now!!!!!

    Cod waw Modded iso lobbies on zombies using project x 2.0 their are no rules except heve fun and do not spam To join privatechst : Super x KiderZz Lobbies only last 5 minuits so please be patient Enjoy and have fun ALL ADMIN Status: CLOSED!!!! AM I LEGIT POST BELOW Now added infections at...
  11. I

    WaW|PC|Mod Menu Lobby|Online Match

    WaW Mod Menu Lobby ================== Must Have WaW PC No Cracked Versions A Online WaW Profile ================== How To Join Add Me On Steam:iUseAimbot =================== Features Full Access To Mod Menu And Do Whatever You Want (NO AIMBOT ITS KILLS EVERYONE EVEN WITH GOD MODE)...
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