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  1. Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Halloween Event Begins Today

    Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Halloween Event Begins Today

    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Halloween event is now underway. All month long, players will be able to take part in Willard Wyler's Halloween Scream, a limited-time celebration that features Halloween-themed loot, new game modes, and more. At the start of every week, players can get a free...
  2. Eddxdd


    Anyone with ps4 looking for boosting group post psn and ill add you with the message BOOSTING thats how you'll know its me and not a random REQUIREMENTS: DO NOT CARE ABOUT K/D ONE CONTROLLER COMMON SENSE
  3. Twiizted

    Video  Welcome to the Future

  4. Z

    Discussion  Call of Duty Union is Now live

    Okay I've decided to fill a gap in the Xbox Clubs Section I've made a Union for passionate call of duty players. About our Union Here we join up with passionate Call of Duty gamers. Share content, cool clips, ideas, easter egg help, zombies, and multilayer across all COD installments, making...
  5. MrAquafina

    Working  Keplers Geyser Wall Breach

    Sup guys accidentally found a wall breach You're going to be needing 2 people 1. Have friend 1 who's not going to be in the glitch stand at the geyser that pushes you to Kepler at the end of the geyser 2. Then you're going to be standing on the left of him looking towards Polar 3. You two will...
  6. Oophilly215oO

    Working  On Top Of Genesis Glitch EASIEST METHOD USING FTL

    Come to the right side of the map where there is a railing with a pillar in the distance. Jump on the railing and space out your boost to make it too the pillar. Now wallrun from pillar to pillar and once you get to the end jump out and turn around then use your ftl jump to get onto the ledge...
  7. Oophilly215oO

    Working  Secret Out Of The Map High Ledge On Crusher!

    Requirements: FTL / FTL JUMP Come to the edge of crusher where there is a bunch of blue barrels, run jump towards the barrier and slide out of the map and look right and up. Use your ftl jump to get up and out of the map, now work your way all the way around the building to the other side. You...
  8. T

    Delusional Gamers ---Now Recruiting---

    Are you looking for an Xbox One Clan with a wide variety of games? Come check us out! We have multiple games such as Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, Black Ops 3, Smite, Rocket League, and more games to come! We are just starting some of our teams so come check us out before your...
  9. T

    Xbox One Boosting All Night

    Need one more instant invite: must have: 1) two controllers 2) some experience message Thorga04
  10. J

    Uplink boosting all day xp and camo boosting

    1: have 2 controllers 2: have a mic 3: be fair , wait your turn 4:no scorestreaks on Msg GT: F34R OvO loboat
  11. Oophilly215oO

    Working  Fully On Top Of The Map Skydock! Super High Up!

    Game mode: Defender Scorestreak: Scarab Game Settings: Set to mine Rig: FTL / Payload: FTL JUMP Spawn in, run over to the fence on the one side of the map and jump out. Die then switch teams but don't pick a class. Spawn in and grab the defender ball then use your scarab to kill yourself. You...
  12. Oophilly215oO

    Video  5 Infected Hiding Spots!

  13. Oophilly215oO

    Working  On Top Of The Map Retaliation Glitch!

    Requirements: FTL - Rig / FTL JUMP - Payload Come to each location in the video and use your ftl jump too get up too each ledge!
  14. Oophilly215oO


    Requirements: FTL - RIG / FTL JUMP - PAYLOAD Come towards the middle of the map and walk towards the back door of the grey dynamics building where there is a railing. Jump on this and use your boost to get onto an invisible ledge on the side of the building. Use your FTL jump to get ontop of the...
  15. ReckerZon

    iw boosting lobby

    message me for an inv must have 2 controllers a mic and a brain add me: ReckerZon
  16. Caroused

    PS4 Call Of Duty IW Boosting

    CTF Boosting Lobbys PSN: Caroused Add me on psn to join in on boosting lobby on iw you usaly earn around* 50k to 60k a game and easy to complete challenges. Requirements 2 Controllers Mic if you don't know how to CTF boost leave name below for others to add

    Video  Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Rage Montage #1

    Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Rage Montage #1
  18. iiTabbyii

    Video  Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare | THE GOOD!

    Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Infinite Warfare is receiving a ton of slack from the fans and I do believe that the game has its flaws at its place. But I also feel that the game has something to offer and may appeal to some. I uploaded this video, talking about same, let me know what you...
  19. Sombra

    Discussion  Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Official Complaint + Ban/Reset Discussion Thread

    Since the release of trailers, multiplayer gameplay, and soon to be leaks, this thread is for all complaints relating to any Infinite Warfare information. All complaints must go in this thread, or will be dealt with accordingly. Try to keep it civil. Also, as of now 10/09/16, this is now the...
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