call of duty glitches

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    Patched How To Get Out Of Any Map Glitch! Teleporting Glitch

    Tutorial Step 1 -Make a custom game with unlimited time and start the match. Step 2 - Select spectator and fly to anywhere you want to go. Step 3 - Change to any team. as soon as the spawn in animation starts switch teams to spectator. Step 4 - Quickly switch teams and select auto-assign. Make...
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    Patched Unlimited field upgrade glitch

    Hey there, this is a very simple glitch to do that I think is pretty useful All you need is a gas grenade Throw the gas grenade and walk into it while throwing down a field upgrade it will cancel the animation and glitch you can then throw down your lethal then press r1 again to throw down your...
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    Instructions: 1. You will need ruin with grapple equipped for one glitch. 2. Go to options menu, turn on control settings "auto sprint" 3. Glitch locations, building 2, and green building with canopy adjacent to silos. 4. Line yourself up and double tap sprint to auto sprint. 5. Quickly press...
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