call of duty glitch

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    Patched How To Get Out Of Any Map Glitch! Teleporting Glitch

    Tutorial Step 1 -Make a custom game with unlimited time and start the match. Step 2 - Select spectator and fly to anywhere you want to go. Step 3 - Change to any team. as soon as the spawn in animation starts switch teams to spectator. Step 4 - Quickly switch teams and select auto-assign. Make...
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    Video Black Ops 4 Zombie Glitches !!!! Zombie Round/Pile up, invincible Round/ Blood of the Dead

    [glitch 1]() [glitch 2]() [glitch 3]() Good luck :smile:
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    Working *New* Summit Glitch ( DLC 6 )

    Make your way to the edge of the map near the ski lift , jump up and out to the ledge near the corner of the lift!! Enjoy and explore
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