call of duty black ops 3


    Game Mods  Bo3 Zombies -FULL UNLOCK- Prestige 10 (PC ONLY)

    Reply with your STEAM Name below, I will add and invite you to a Bo3 Zombies match. You will get Full Unlock of all Calling Cards, Weapon Level's/Camo's, Emblem's and so on, 50k Liquid Divinium, Prestige 1-10 and level 1-30 depending on what you'd prefer.
  2. iamhuman

    Unsolved  black ops 3 not working on xbox 360 jtag/rgh

    i recently got the gamme disk for black ops 3 for my jtag. When i try to run the game it gives me an error that tells me that i need some kind of update which i can get for free through xbox live. I cant run xbox live because my xbox is jtag or rgh. plz hep
  3. S

    BO3  TMDC NATION Recruiting PS4 only

    TMDC NATION Recruiting PS4 only Stand For The Moon Demon Company Owner: EpicNeoDragon 10 free spots PS4 only TMDC Nation Rules - Must be at least 16 + to join - You must carry TMDC tag at all times -You are to be dedicated to TMDC ONLY -Loyal to Family -No racial -Must be Active - We...
  4. Danixer


    3. Dark Matter glitch: You want to add the weapon you want the Camo on in multiplayer class. (Make Sure it’s class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 not 6+). Go in to custom games —> Enable Ban and protect voting —> Change every setting to 4 minutes Start the game and ban any random weapon Tell a friend to invite...
  5. S

    Unsolved  Installing BO3 on xbox 360 RGH-2.0

    Hi All, after 2 days to hard work i m able to manage install BO3 on my xbox 360 rgh 2.0 console. Now the problem is my Title update is getting auto Deleted. every time i restart my xbox my 112 Mb TU8 update get deleted automatically and some 158KB file start showing up. so every time when i...
  6. simpara2002

    Solved  Cod bo3 rgh/jtag recovery question.

    Hello I had a question about recoveries on bo3 basically I have a account that I have played on xbox one for a while I am prestige master lvl 100 something. I started the account on xbox one I have never played the account on 360 so what I am wondering is if I give myself a recovery on the...
  7. S

    BO3  sKillz Clan Recruitment

    What's up peeps! Some friends and I have decided to create a multi-cod competitive clan and we're currently looking for both members, GFX editors, and streamers/ YouTuber's. We are just a basic arena / pub-stomping friendly and fun clan for now but we hope to soon become a competitive clan once...
  8. Danixer

    Working  How To Unlock Dark Matter Camo GLITCH!

    1. Do Custom Game (UI Stack) 2. Tell friend to go to Campaign 3. Press Cirlce and press on the class with the camo 4. Press Triangle and hover over the dark matter 5. tell friend to go to public match 6. press A or X. 7. Voilá.
  9. Danixer

    Working  How To Unlock ANY CAMO YOU WANT!

    1. Simply go on to custom games. And once you are here, head over to create a class and then add the weapon you have unlocked and have got the black market camo you want to transfer to the Kn44. 2. 1. Do The Custom Game UI STACK ( PS4 New Updated) 3. Now once you join your friend simply do not...
  10. Aaron12123311

    Lf boosting lobby

    Looking for a lobby to join my gt is the executionR1
  11. PeacedGameplays

    Video  Is this shotgun really op like this?

    Just wondering if it's Overpowered or not.
  12. T

    Delusional Gamers ---Now Recruiting---

    Are you looking for an Xbox One Clan with a wide variety of games? Come check us out! We have multiple games such as Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered, Black Ops 3, Smite, Rocket League, and more games to come! We are just starting some of our teams so come check us out before your...
  13. A

    Looking for good bo3 players

    must be a prestige 4 lvl 20 + Must have experience Has to be able to go positive every game (except for first game bc that's a warm up) You can inv friends but they have to pass requirement Message:EarlyLemur71 or PandaBamboo7502
  14. Ricky carrazco

    Solved  Help with AW modding!

    Ok so today i installed my AW on my FSD along with Bo3. I have only been modding on my RGH for a couple weeks with GTA only. I need some help and advise for modding on AW & BO3 (BO2 if i ever figure out the download). I know absolutely nothing about what i need to do to mod these games. I dont...
  15. XboxLiveLogon

    Looking for a clan? Request a Clan Position/Role (Free Agent)

    Please post in this thread for clan leaders to invite you to their respected clans. If you want to request a role in a clan, please fill out this form below to the best of your ability. Name: Position/Role: Availability: Preferred console: Contact method: Time Zone: Extra details, information...
  16. Oophilly215oO

    Video  Underneath the bridge on hunted! Amazing Hiding Spot

  17. Nate3co

    Bo3 boosting ppl needed

    Hardcore ctf Msg me NATE3 THE GREAT for inv 3 needed
  18. Oophilly215oO

    Working  New Outside Of Aquarium After Patch Glitch

    Call of duty black ops 3 - Outside of aquarium after patch 1) set your friendly fire settings to shared health 2) equip HCXD in your scorestreaks & the overdrive specialist 3) have the HCXD jump onto this pole then switch teams 4) get ontop of sky barrier 5) use overdrive to boost to the...
  19. Oophilly215oO

    Video  6 New Hiding Spots

    Call of duty black ops 3 - 6 New Hiding Spots
  20. Jon Hall

    Video  I made a Tournament Montage

    Would appreciate if you would leave feedback and share it with your friends. Thank You
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