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call of duty 5

  1. D

    Support  Open FF file

    I downloaded a mod that contains an IWD file and an FF file. I was able to open the IWD file with Win Rar, but I can't find a program to adequately open the mod.ff file. I looked all over and I only reach dead ends. For example, I tried using Mikeeey's FF Explorer, but when I open the file...
  2. Twf2009

    Question  How do you get a mod menu on call of duty world at war ps3

    Hello, during this covid 19 situation i have jailbroken my old ps3, all I want to do it play call of duty world at war but with a mod menu, I've tried to add a mod menu but everytime I go to load up multiplayer it freezes on the play online and lan party screen, I have even tried to remove the...
  3. E

    Solved  How do I import code onto a WAW savegame?

    Hello, I started modding WAW on my xbox 360 around late 2014. I eventually discovered CFGModdings "WAW Mod Menu Generator" tool and started making my own menus, whey were pretty bad as the features on the site were limited so I eventually learned to manually code my menus and import them onto a...
  4. X

    Hosting WaW modded zombies

    I will be hosting modded zombie lobbies today which will include custom rank and prestige and lots of fun I am also offering infections for people who are kind enough to donate a trial code for Xbox live. add me on Xbox for more information: XeX Falcon OG
  5. Super ModZz

    Cod waw modded iso zombie lobby XBOX ONLY hosting now!!!!!

    Cod waw Modded iso lobbies on zombies using project x 2.0 their are no rules except heve fun and do not spam To join privatechst : Super x KiderZz Lobbies only last 5 minuits so please be patient Enjoy and have fun ALL ADMIN Status: CLOSED!!!! AM I LEGIT POST BELOW Now added infections at...
  6. C

    Call of duty 5 waw mod menu lobby using Motion Flex v2.5

    Send message to chasedbarker10 for inv
  7. Bobbymae

    W@W Modded Fun Lobbies

    :thumbsup:WELCOME TO MY WAW MODDED SERVICE! Send A Message To Wait For A Party Invite. Will Be Hosting For Alittle Bit! HURRY BEFORE IT GETS FULL ••••NOT AN INFECTION•••• HAVE FUN!!:thumbsup: STATUS {CLOSED}
  8. M

    Gamesaves  Looking For - CoD: World At War Last Mission Savegame

    Post download link below if you have a last mission savegame, so I can unlock zombie mode. Even a couple missions before the end is fine, its hard as not many play WaW no more, I'm just playing to mod for fun
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