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    Unsolved Need Help With SPRX C++

    So i would like to know how to lock buttons while a menu is open, i know it uses SDK Functions but i can't seem to find the address needed to hook too, so if anyone can help me out that would be great, ty (by lock buttons i mean cant press anything on the GAME while scrolling the menu.)
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    Game Mods [Request] Port GTA V PC Mod to xbox 360. Have PC Source Code

    Hello all, I was hoping to find someone that has experience coding GTA V mod menu's for JTAG/RGH. There is an awesome quadcopter/drone mod that is only available for PC but would be super cool to have on 360. I was able to find the PC source code on github and got to thinking.. Does someone...
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    C++ | Custom Title Text Function

    Hello guys well i havent seen these released yet i know its easy to make but well this functions only works with one title "S.S.D.D" you can change the title to any other one by replacing the offset and the value of the text XEX Way: DWORD WINAPI CustomTitleMW2(LPVOID) { XOVERLAPPED...
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    Wrighting DLL hacks for games

    Hi, I wrote a DLL Injector and I have some basic reverse engineering knowledge. What I was wondering if someone could give me resources that could help me wright DLL hacks. I know how to get function pointers and memory addresses but I have no idea how I could call a function from a game within...
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    Solved Are there any guides for making a simple gamesave editor?

    I know I'm years late to the 360 modding scene but I've recently dusted off my 360 and it re-sparked my interest in hex editing gamesaves. While this is nice and all, I've been learning quite a bit of C++ over the past year and thought it'd be pretty neat to try and whip up my own editor. But...
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    Unsolved How are theater Menu infections made?

    Hello! I was wondering who knows how to inject GSC menus into edited theater mode clips on BO2. They've recently been popping up all over and there are no forums covering the methods used on editing these films. Does anyone have information on how this is done? I've been coding in c++ for a...
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    [C#] Car Race

    I made this lil car racing program awhile back hope you like it let me know what you think. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wwzigv5hltjya5y/Car Race.rar?dl=0 https://virustotal.com/en/file/db57a1f4f0c75698af4d4c4f21d52aa1dbc7e7acad5d93b19819b627ba158956/analysis/1514618659/
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    [BLUS / CFW] SPRX Button Monitoring (C++)

    Hi Se7ensins :smile: Today I Release SPRX Monitoring Sample Code. This is Just Button Monitoring. Reference This Code for Make Your Own SPRX Menu. BLUS Button Address: 0x018524B0 R3 = 0x00040000 L3 = 0x00020000 R1 = 0x00000008 L1 = 0x00000004 R2 = 0x00000002 L2 = 0x00000001 Square =...
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    Unsolved XNotify Notification C/C++ Idea

    Hello ! I've Been Coding C++ . How Do I Use "#define XNOTIFYUI_POS_BOTTOM 2" Found In Xam.h AM using the XNotify(); Function i want the notify to pop up at the bottom
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    C/C++ How to build a c++ dll using its source code

    So I am new to creating programs in c++, well I know the fundamentals, but I am trying to compile this dll and I have no idea on how to do it, I have tried multiple times before and failed. The dll I am trying to compile is: http://zlib.net/
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    C/C++ "Reading of a Website [XBOX 360]

    I am trying to read a Website's html-body into text in C++. If you have used .Net before, I am looking for something like a Webrequest. On the site will be plain text and i want to read this into a variable. The problem is the Application is for Xbox 360, so i can't use libaries like libcurl...
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    C/C++ error LNK2001: unresolved external symbo (Help)

    Hi, everyone I'm trying to compile my code and every time I try I keep getting these errors. I have looked all over google and I haven't found a solution. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Errors: 1>WebData.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol mcrypt_module_open 1>WebData.obj...
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    C/C++ Creating a Socket(TCP Connection)

    Hello, latly i've been trying to create a TCP-Client in C++ for a Xbox 360 Project. I used the connecting Method, that worked for me before (like a year ago), but it has stopped working. I changed the Server IP, but that's not the Problem, since it fails at a part where the IP isn't involved...
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    Tools [W.I.P.] C++ library for reading Xbox 360 FATX filesystems

    Only reading is supported for now. The API should be obvious from the header and the example program. Windows and *nix is supported. Use mingw or msys2 to compile on Windows. P.S.: This is only very early alpha. Download: https://mega.nz/#!fB9CxAxA!lo_LVXhKkhpHfBH7gvP6TdXDYM51J6B966A9TtSXaX8...
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    Mod Menu (C++ Menu Base) Brick's Menu

    Brick's Menu Hey, my first thread on se7ensins, so please tell me if i do anything wrong. This is a menu base, designed specifically to speed up/remove the time it takes to create the actual menu, so you can focus all your time on the functions. By using a list of lists of pairs of pairs of...
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    C/C++ Help with an Algorithm

    Hello everyone! At first: This is not limited to C/C++. I would also be happy with a C#, Java etc. implementation of this algorithm. I am looking for the fastest way to do this! But please keep it simple, so no custom imported libraries, please! :smile: If you decide to try your hand on...
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    Solved Developing an .XEX (Need I/O Help)

    I'm developing an .XEX that needs to be able I/O (RAM) Game Memory. (like an .xex modmenu so-to-speak) [SOLVED]- I don't know if this has been done or not, but if someone has any idea's on how to I/O to a game's memory via JUST an .xex (rather than JRPC/XRPC/etc)... I have a good idea how to do...
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    I want to teach c++, looking for learners.

    [Update 4 April 2016]: I'm available again. I want to teach c++, looking for learners. I've found some post about people looking for someone to help them to code. I know the language c++ and good programming practice. I've studied at the university in the province of Quebec. I have the 1/3 of...
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