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  1. EyeDuDab

    Tutorial  Call your weaponized aircraft in all of the casino jobs (Exploit game mechanics)

    Its not really a glitch, but i took notice of being able to request pv aircraft during casino missions. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has noticed this, so I take no claim of foundership. I'm just writing it out so more people are aware of it. I would really like to see more people...
  2. ronaldomga

    Patched  Duplication REALLY working on PC using "BUZZARD" as base.

    Hello! My name is Ronaldo and I'm going show a duplication method on the pc for those who do not use MOD. Sorry for the bad English, because I'm using a translator. Come on! Remembering that this method is solo. Requirements: Have a MOC, a COMPLEX, a HANGAR and the BUZZARD, and of course the...
  3. rodd1981

    Solved  Khanjali swapped by Buzzard on facility

    I'm trying to help out a friend to fix an issue on his facility (he accidentally swapped his Khanjali with a Buzzard). He is unable to move/replace his cars in the facility (I believe this happens if you have an aircraft sitting on a vehicle slot - R* hotfix). Do you guys have any idea how to...
  4. toofaces2

    [REL] Buzzard Turbo Modus + Explosive Bullets

    PC|XBOX|PS3 BUZZARD TURBO MODUS with 4x Line and 2 Line is Explosive unstoppable Works with any Vehicles [Activate the Mod & Press (X) / (A) Button for Shot] Download // Virus Scan Credit: Blender88,Toofaces2,BLOODY Do not Release it without my Permission!
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