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  1. L

    Support  New RGH slim

    My RGH just broke (I believe as i cant turn it on even with a new internal with aurora and it use to be fine a few days ago) Anyway I tried looking for a place to post this in "Marketplace" but the only option was "Deals" so I posting it here instead :/ I guess I also need advice though since I...
  2. Sir Kryptics

    Video  So I Bought a GTA 5 Online MODDED ACCOUNT For £10 And This Happened!!!

    Hope everyone enjoys me wasting money!
  3. J

    Question  Where can I purchase cid's, and How Can I avoid bans on Rebug 4.82.2

    Is it safer to use the consoles CID, although I dont want to risk it being perm banned. So I wanted to buy a new cid I could use to spoof. However I want to make sure its a private CID since I will be using my PSN on the PS3. Once/If I get banned I will probably switch to using a dual boot...
  4. B

    Solved  GTA 5 PS3 Help Needed

    I am so confused, I can't buy an office from Dynasty 8 Executive mostly because I can't find Dynasty 8 Executive. I am at level 222, is that the issue? Do I have to complete all of the heists? Do I have to have $1 Million dollars for it to show up (to buy the cheapest office)? A Modder forced...
  5. TonnageGamer

    Hardware Mods  Is a 3rd party cooler a solution for cooling?

    Is a 3rd party cooler for phats still worth it im just like i dont know because it sounds too loud "i have a jasper" is it recommended for my console? The brand of my cooler is called powerwave is freakin loud i but has more air flow when i attach it to my xbox 360 jasper
  6. D

    Question  Need assistance with buying a PS3.

    So, I've never owned a PlayStation 3, but I've wanted to pick one up to complete my collection of the seventh generation consoles. Someone near me is selling a PlayStation 3 with the HDMI, controller, and an upgraded 500GB hard drive along with 22 games all for $100. I want to jailbreak this...
  7. J

    Solved  Giving up on Jtagging My Old Xenon Xbox. Looking For someone who sells pre-modded consoles.

    So I totally screwed up the headers on my xenon while trying to solder. And my matrix was screwed from the get go (basically spent a week resoldering daily, because every site says its the soldering when chip errors). Anyway partially giving up on that, just wondering if anyone has any...
  8. Axx9844

    Solved  Selling

    Where on this sight can I sell bo2 modding services?
  9. Y

    Question  Buying HDD 7200rpm or SSHD 5400rpm (2.5")

    I found these 2.5" storage devices suits my budget: Performance is more important to me than the size :smile:, Especially I have been working on "Android Studio" So I'm interested in the speed and performance of applications running What is the best of them ? Note:Rating based on this Site...
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