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  1. LegendaryOaks

    Patched  Bypass yacht defenses

    I discovered by "accident" that you can bypass yacht defenses by glitching the lobby your in 1. Do the bugged lobby glitch 2. Grab a attack helicopter like a savage, hunter, or buzzards 3. Fly to the yacht, most the extras on the yacht will not be loaded in 4. Blow everyone up 5. Win You can...
  2. PrinnyL0rd

    Patched  Office Garage Unusable Slots - Fix (PS4)

    Alright, well the Elegy glitch was working fine for the past 3 days, but today, literally just now my garage started to bug out. Every duped elegy would just keep replacing the last car I put in the garage, so I started to **** around a little with my garage after checking these forums for a...
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