1. benjaminstrike

    Patched  Unable to fall of Oppressor glitch!

    Easy glitch/bug I found. Make sure the Oppressor is spawned in already before you do this! Step 1: Go to your MOC and start the special mission Work Dispute. Have a friend join you. Step 2: Fail the mission by your friend not leaving the Cargo plane. (Only you should have landed already!) Step...
  2. M

    Solved  XBmovie record only a few frames.

    Exactly what the title says. I installed RGLoader just to record quick videos, but every time I start to record a new one it stops after 7 frames. ps: sorry for bad english.
  3. I

    Solved  GTA 5 Bug: Can't shoot when aiming

    Hello, I bought GTA V about 4 months ago on Steam. The game was working fine until I recently bought an Xbox One controller (wired) for Windows. The controller works fine on all my games except GTA V. The problem is that: when I aim/zoom with a gun I can not shoot. As soon as I press the right...
  4. G

    Solved  Can't join other players after Biker DLC

    As the title says then after the last update it's impossible for me to join a lobby with other players. I'm on PS4. My connection is 50mbit download 20 upload. It's around 42 mbit download and 8mbit upload on the console when I test it, and it's connected through a cable. I have tested...
  5. puggal

    Solved  Zombies rank problem.

    I was prestige 1 level 33 on zombies, so i prestiged in MULTIPLAYER to prestige 2 then mt zombies rank got set to Prestige 1 lvl 33! My kills, high rounds remain on the leaderboards and it has a higher level than it is now but why did this happen?
  6. Tweex

    Solved  Unable to enter garage

    I am unable to enter any of my garages. Whenever I go into my garage the camera just stays hovering at my garage door.(see pic) I can still press Start to join a new session and such but the problem stays. So basically I just can't get in my garage. I've tried switching sessions, restarting...
  7. OJ Simpson

    Solved  directors quarters bug

  8. RaZrXDarkness

    Working  Weird bug on Infection with bots

    I'm playing bots on last gen (because I can't connect to any games) and a weird occurrence happened to me. There is a little farm building in the bottom left of the map and the bots have a chance to line up against the stables. It's really weird what they do (their legs start to twitch rapidly...
  9. G

    Solved  Creator Mode TDM Bug PS4

    i couldnt find any thread of this, when i search, and dont know if i posted it right. I've have been working on a TDM, doesnt know if the bug is with other modes as well. But a made a map and wanted to redo some things on it, after i played it. Played it as in, played against other people. but...
  10. Steam Accounts Compromised By Security Bug

    Steam Accounts Compromised By Security Bug

    Valve has started resetting passwords, after a bug would let anyone reset an account's password with the username alone. This security flaw was found last week, but Valve is just now fixing it after many complaints from famous streamers and DOTA players. Normally, you would need email access to...
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